TWRP Recovery on Android Device

TWRP Recovery on Android Device

Nowadays everyone wants to become perfect in technology if you are advanced user by rooting your phone and flashing custom ROM. By customization, you can make your Android device more awesome. TWRP recovery is the most popular custom recovery for Android device.

What is TWRP recovery?

TWRP recovery is probably the only one which has support for most of the Android devices and for almost all OEMs. TWRP  recovery is the best custom recovery it gives update very frequently and supports a large number of devices that gives a lot more Advanced Tasks.


  • you should have 70% charge.
  • make sure your bootloader is unlocked.
  • follow all the steps correctly otherwise you will damage your phone.

How to install tor on any Android phone?

TWRP installation process is very easy after reading these simple steps.

  1. First go to settings on the last line you can see about phone tap on about phone.
  2. After taping on about phone click 7 times on the build number where you will see “you are now developer” message.
  3. Then go to developer option find the USB debugging option and click to enable.
  4. In your PC or laptop install ADB tool.
  5. Then open the ADB folder by clicking shift key and right-click on any blank space and select “open command windows here”.
  6. Then connect your Android device to your PC or laptop using the USB cable.
  7. Then reboot the phone using a command (adb reboot boot loader)
  8. Then check a list of a connected device using the command (fast boot devices)
  9. Then recovery image and place in ADB folder.
  10. Then you need to flash the TWRP recovery by using a command (fast flash recovery recover)
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After completing all steps you have installed or recovery on your Android device.

TWRP recovery (root)

  1. First click on an app.
  2. Agree all the terms and conditions.
  3. Then click on the TWRP flash.
  4. Then select your Android device and select the TWRP version.
  5. Then this will download the TWRP file on your Android device.
  6. When the download is completed go back to the app.
  7. Then select a file to flash.
  8. Then browse and select the downloaded TWRP file.
  9. Then click on flash to recover.


Advantages after you installed TWRP recovery in Android phone.

You will be able to update your Android phone to latest version of Android and Abel for rooting your Android phone using TWRP. And you will be able to customize your smartphone and able to flash ROMs and zip files.


Disadvantages after you installed TWRP recovery in Android phone.

Warranty will be voided and maybe bric your phone by flashing wrong zip files.


Yeah, we are giving you the best information about TWRP recovery install on Android devices where installation process and requirements are easy. We hope we are giving the easy way of recovery and installation process in this article we hope you have understood all the steps and requirements in this article.

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