How to Download TweakDoor App on iOS?

TweakDoor App is one of the best iOS application installers to be released, as well as one of the best things it’s no need to Jailbreak to use it.

It’s completely free to use, it’s a new third-party iOS application installer as per the developers. If you install TweakDoor App on your iPad or iPhone then you need to possess the UDDID of your devices such as iPad or iPhone.

It’s very easy to install on your iPad or iPhone with better internet speed.

1. How to download TweakDoor App?

Simply go to the official TweakDoor site and open the download link on site, follow all instructions on screen or TweakDoor App  install on your device.

2. How to use TweakDoor:

After downloading and installing, you can simply open the TweakDoor on your device after that you need to fix untrusted developer error,

Open settings-> General> profiles, search and tap the developer name and trust it. Go to the TweakDoor application part or search for anyone’s application or game you want. Select and follow the application ways to install or run it.

3. What is TweakDoor?

TweakDoor is one of the best iOS application installers in the market with good alternatives to the Emus4U application store without the use of jailbreak on your device to use it as well as its very user-friendly application.

TweakDoor App

4. App Feature

TweakDoor comes up with grate characteristics for all users such as:

  • Daily notification for updates to all games and application
  • Very User-friendly interface
  • No Jailbreak required
  • Free as well as easy to install
  • Easy support third party application and games
  • Easy to recover from errors
  • For iOS device

Pros of TweakDoor

  • It’s available for all users; do not need to use Jailbreak
  • It is developed to the similar privacy standards that iOS uses configuration file is used to install or run it.
  • You easily get a huge choice of 3rd party application and game
  • No need to use your apple id when you install or run it.

Cons of TweakDoor

  • It is possible to crash after some days because it is unofficial Apple will revoke the certificate and prevent this by using a virtual private network.
  • You don’t get the same experience you do with Cydia

5. Removing TweakDoor

If you want to delete TweakDoor applications on your device like iPad or iPhone then you have two choices or Methods to remove it.

Method 1: application profile 

  • Start iOS setting or go to general.
  • Go to the profile and look at the TweakDoor profile on the menu.
  • Select it, tap delete the application.
  • Close settings, TweakDoor is removing.

Method2: application icon

  • Simply press on the TweakDoor window on your main page like a home page.
  • Then go to wiggle mode, select the small cross at the top of the window.
  • Tap to remove.
  • At the end, the application is removing from your device


This section, we have the answers to frequently asked questions regarding TweakDoor!

  1. It is a Cydia alternative?

Yes, it is but it isn’t replacement it does not give everything Cydia does; only what can work without the use of jailbreak method, you get plenty of selection through.

  1. Is it compatible with my iOS Devices?

TweakDoor compatible with all the models of iPad or iPhone

  1. Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is completely safe or legal to use, TweakDoor has no virus, malware, no vulnerability that can be the effect on your device.

  1. Possible to fix the white screen issue?

It is one of the common errors and it’s very easy to fix- remove the TweakDoor profile from your devices and uninstalls it.

  1. How do I search for an application?

For these two ways are available or simply you can just look through what’s on offer.

  1. Why TweakDoor?

TweakDoor is one of the best iOS application installers to be released, as well as one of the best things it’s no need to Jailbreak to use it.