Track and Trace Regulations

Track and Trace Regulations


Track and Trace company 3 keys provides IT consulting services with a focus on ensuring the integrity of business supply chains in various fields of activity, such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, food products, tobacco, etc. As most of the above-mentioned industries face challenges due to high regulations and requirements, 3 keys provides its vision for solutions to these issues. The main goal of the company is to provide solutions for serialization and tracking the development of a project from creation to implementation.

3 keys has more than 40 successfully completed projects, which allows the company to implement and maintain tracking processes around the world for the clients. The main services are focused on:

  • implementation of tracking solutions at the corporate level
  • improving and mobilizing logistics
  • folded integration in SAP-WM, SAP-EWM
  • optimization of the combination of tracking and control systems
  • implementation of nearshoring ideas with headquarters in Germany to ensure competitive prices
  • Outsourcing and business support

Key Value

The main task of the company is to improve the optimization of commodity science by developing ideas for supply chains. Applying the best business intelligence, the company ensures full compliance of enterprises with legal requirements, guaranteeing stability and security of supply for any business. At the same time, buyers get easy access to comprehensive information about the product they are interested in.

The 3 keys team consists of over 50 professional consultants providing services to clients from all over the world. The main partners of the company are such well-known brands as Kvinta, SAP, and Chestny Znak, which focus on the implementation of modern serialization and tracking technologies, as well as the inception of global projects in the digital economy.

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The specificity of tracking for different business areas varies significantly, given the legal regulations of different countries. 3 keys specialists have extensive experience in these areas, creating projects of any complexity for the needs of specific clients from the selected country. Study Track & Trace regulations in different countries and markets, and the company will provide you with the most optimal solution for your request.

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