Amsterdam Private Canal Tour Recommendations

Amsterdam is known by many as a city of canals, and rightly so. These waterways add to the beauty of this city. Besides, sailing through them is among the most preferred ways of exploring the city whether you are a tourist or a local who wants to get the most out of their vacation.Discover the enchanting waterways of Amsterdam in a unique and unforgettable way! Visit for exclusive private boat tours.

Sailing through these canals lets you get a close look at the town life, and you will be able to see some very popular tourist attractions during your tour. Especially if you hire a personal boat with your close acquaintances, you will enjoy your tour to the most.

Sailing Amsterdam’s waterways in saloon boats is not only a knowledge-enhancing, exploratory journey of the town in itself but is also among the most recommended ways of spending time with friends and family.

Top Rated Amsterdam Private Boat Cruises

Looking for the most suited saloon cruise to sail around with a group of your loved ones? At Amsterdam Boat Rental, we’ve got lots of options suited for everyone. Whether you will be sailing in groups or as a couple, we have got a variety of boats in different sizes.

Especially, our personal boat Undine is a fully equipped, perfect sized boat best suited for couples, as well as for small to medium-sized groups. It is an iconic boat with a royal ambiance due to its beautiful wooden interior.

Here are some of the salient features of Undine:

  • Undine has enough space to seat as many as 8 individuals and is also suitable if you are a couple.
  • It has a spacious and comfy sundeck for those perfect sunny days as well as for moderately cool nights.
  • It can be fully or partially covered if the weather gets unwelcoming.
  • Undine has an in built heating system.
  • Make yourself comfortable with cozy fleece blankets provided on board.
  • It is equipped with fully electric engine.
  • A decent mini bar with a range of drinks awaits you on board. We have a range of beverages including both hot and cold drinks along with non alcoholic ones available in mini bar.
  • You will get a welcome drink as you hop onboard.
  • Dual pane windows ensure that there are no foggy windows to ruin the view.
  • You can also book Undine for a dinner cruise for up to 5 people.
  • If you are booking the cruise for dinner, you will have an option to order your food from the restaurants situated at the canal banks.
  • The perfect size of this salon cruise allows it to cruise through even the narrower waterways so that you don’t miss a site worth watching.
  • You will have a guard in the form of your boat’s captain always willing to tell you about the intriguing facts related to the city.

Booking Canal Cruises in Amsterdam

If you are a group comprising of 8 people or less, we recommend hiring our Undine boat for your tour. If you are searching options for groups of above 8 people, we have other private boats as well with all the facilities. To chsrter a boat, call us and we inform you about the best options keeping in mind your preferences and group size. You can either book your boat online or give us a call at this number for more information:


Cost of Private Canal Tours Amsterdam

Our Amsterdam canal cruise reviews bear testimony to our claim that our private boats are not only equipped with best facilities but are also reasonably priced.

Charges for a personal cruise vary depending on booking duration and whether or not you will be having a meal on board. Besides, if you want us to arrange a champagne because you will be having a special celebration, an additional charge of 72,50 EUR will apply. Our rates start from as low as 250EUR for an hour. Here is the breakup of rates according to duration and meal preferences:

  • For one hour ride, including a welcome drink, the charges are 250EUR.
  • For 1.5 hours tour, the rate will be 340EUR including the welcome drink.
  • If you want to book the private boat for 2 hours, you will be charged 430EUR with a complimentary drink.
  • For a dinner cruise, the boat must be booked for at least 2 hours and the rent would be 430EUR other than the food you order.
  • A 3 hours private boat trip will cost you 610EUR with welcome drink included.

Moreover, you may order a drink in line of your personal liking from the mini bar. It has some decent variety of quality beverages whether it is a beer, cold drink, coffee, or tea. If you have a special preference just tell us and we will arrange required drink for you.

If you need information regarding anything on a private tour to Amsterdam canals, you can send us an email at or ring us on +31645251000.

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