Top POS Systems for Your Auto Shop

Is it time for an auto shop POS system tune up? Explore the top POS system options available for your business today to see what you’re missing. The Clover POS system is just one example of a state-of-the-art option available. Grow your business, process credit cards and manage your inventory the right way with one of these POS solutions.

Clover Station

An all-in-one station, this is the perfect option for your front desk. Create invoices, track orders, manage inventory and accept a wide range of payment options from a single, sleek machine. Thanks to Clover 2.0 technology, you can update your payment methods to include contactless payment, EMV chip cards and secure credit card processing. The convenient touchscreen makes it easy for all of your mechanics to clock in and out. Monitoring stock levels helps you prevent running out of key repair parts.

Of course, all that convenience tasks space. The Clover Station may be smaller than an outdated POS system or desktop computer setup, but it’s larger than the other POS options available to your shop. If space is a premium, consider the Clover Flex or MINI to handle your transactions and inventory management.

Clover Flex

Looking for a more flexible solution? The compact Cover Flex includes many of the convenient features of the Clover Station in a handheld device. Similar in size to your smartphone, this compact POS system gives your technicians and customer service agents the freedom to ring up orders and accept payments anywhere in your facility. Handle payments right in your garage for a quick and convenient oil change or major repair process. Find out how you can save money on a Clover Flex for sale with a leading merchant services provider.

Revel POS

Connect your brick-and-mortar auto shop with an online store thanks to the dependable Revel POS. This convenient system not only offers omnichannel options, but is also easy to operate in your shop location. The Revel is packed with enough features to give even the Clover Station a run for its money.

A customer-facing display helps prevent miscommunication and allows customers to see exactly what they’re paying for before proceeding with the transaction. Throw in dynamic inventory tracking and timesheet assistance and you’ll find a competitive option for your auto repair shop.

Clover MINI

The MINI is a convenient option in between a full-sized Clover Station and the handheld Clover Flex. About the size of a small tablet, the MINI can be used on a stand at your office desk or can be carried for a mobile payment system. Connect it to a receipt printer and cash drawer to enjoy many of the benefits of the Clover Station in a much more compact size.

Tune-Up Your Auto Shop Today

Get your shop in gear for your company launch or for a major growth period. Whether you’re already thriving or looking for a way to bring in more customers, learn more about these automotive POS system options. Create a comfortable experience for your customers and grow your business with secure, convenient technology.