Top Five Tips For Choosing A Social Media Aggregator

Top Five Tips For Choosing A Social Media Aggregator


Social media aggregator is a tool that offers a platform from where brands and marketers can collect social media content using hashtags, mentions, handles, url, or several other options and can display on their website or digital platforms.

With the growing trend of showcasing user-generated content on a website; collecting, curating, and displaying it in the most simple and effective manner that every marketer is looking for.

Aggregator is the perfect tool to array all the relevant social media content from social media platforms and design them in a way that offers a buoyant experience to your website visitors.

However, there are several social media aggregators available in the market and choosing a right one is an overwhelming task.

Thus, if you are planning to use a social media aggregator and don’t know how to find the best one, then this is a right blog for you. Check what are the features that you should look for an outstanding Social Media Aggregator.

Best Tips To Choose Social Media Aggregator

Here below are the things that you should consider while choosing a social media aggregation tool for making a powerful and amazing social media campaign for your brand.

User-friendly Interface

A social media aggregator should have a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform that allows even a non-technical user to collect and curate social media content easily. It is because not every marketer has technical expertise as they are not a part of the technical team, however, they have to look for the marketing opportunities wherever possible. Thus, to avail and integrate social media content in marketing campaigns easily and effectively, you have to look for a social media feeds aggregator with a user-friendly interface.

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Compatibility With Social Media Platforms

A social media aggregator should be compatible with all popular social media platforms so that you can collect useful content from every possible source. You should look for a social media feeds aggregator that is integrated with the social media channels so that you can collect content wherever people talk about your brand.  With this, a compatible aggregator is also able to collect social media platforms in different types of format, like videos, GIF, etc. You can take free trials and check all the features that you needed for best experience.

Automatic Real-Time Update

Another important aspect that you should look for while choosing the best social media aggregator tool is automatic real-time update feature. You may be thinking why is it so important, it is because thousands of posts are published on social media channels every minute. So to update your website with the latest content it is vital that you choose a social media feeds aggregator with real-time update feature. Another advantage of real-time update feature is that it will keep your audience engaged with the interactive content and latest content as it is updated on the social media platform to your website.

Highly Advanced Customization and Moderation Feature

Customization and moderation is a must feature in your social media aggregator to design and personalize the social feeds that go with your website. Customization features offer you various options like themes, styles, background, layout, banner, fonts, colors, and many more to make social media content more interactive. You will get various themes options and styles with the best social media aggregation tool.

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Moderation allows you to filter out the irrelevant and defamatory content that may hamper the quality of your social media content. You can select all the feeds that are not relevant to display on your website. Thus, while choosing a best social media aggregator, you should look for customization and moderation features.

Comprehensive Analytic Panel

It might be an underrated feature by so many marketers, but having an analytics panel in your social media aggregator is a must feature. It will allow you to get the insights of social media content, understand the users behavior and sentiments, check about top content contributors, popular trends, and many more.

It is a must feature that you should consider while choosing a social media aggregator for collective and curating social media content. It will offer you a panel from which you can measure the performance of social media feeds.

Find A Right Social Media Aggregator

With the growing trend of displaying social media content on brand websites, every marketer wants to become a part of it and embed the beautiful feeds on the website to engage their audience.

There are several tools available in the market to collect and display social media content but finding a right one is a typical task. Whenever you are looking for a social media aggregation tool, make sure to look for all these features mentioned above. You may find these little costly than others with less features, but it is a right choice to spend such money for building a strong and effective social media content to engage your audience.

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