Top 7 React Components for 2020 That You Must Use

Personally, the specific and small solutions as single components make a lot more sense than the ones that claim to be “All-in-one” kinds that component libraries provide. This way we can select your own react templates as well as other components. Most of us want to avoid some of the meaningless updates that are seen on the dashboard and can break things. Having a library that offers consistency in UI is a vital thing. But it can also happen that you already have a UI library and are searching for ways by which you can speed the development and find the components that are customizable and reusable. In that sense, it also makes sense that you focus on one component over the whole library and avoid the irrelevant ones.

  1. Carousel: React Slider

This is one component that can deliver beautiful, smooth, and greatly customizable transitions. It’s a lightweight unit (about 7K) and is supported by all of the major browsers around.

  1. React Grid: Data Spreadsheet

For having an experience similar to excel, the React Grid is one of the simple components that you can try. There are keyboard commands available as well and you can also go for copy and paste features that you might view in native spreadsheets. As we said already, you get a simplified API that is easy to use and is compatible with all React Themes.

  1. Cogo Toast: For Notifications

Make a final choice for a plethora of options that we get for the notification component is not easy. There are some excellent selections but one of the best is Congo Toast. This offers simplicity and elegance. The size is of just 4K and the API has a polished look and works well with several UI designs.

  1. React Google Maps: Map
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This is one of the most popular components that make your work simple and faster. You can make use of specific coordinates. And the components of React can be seen on the header of the Google maps.

  1. React Tooltip

This is another very customizable component for the tooltip that will be the best match for any of the react dashboard that you have. It can cover anything that you want using tooltip with stuff like delays, custom events, live updates, and a lot more.

  1. React Block UI: Blockers/ Loaders

Now it is a simple medium that can be used for disabling the UI while you indicate loading. Installation doesn’t take much time either.

  1. React Credit Cards: Payment Detail Form

Another important component is the one that can be used for payment detail. This one is just awesome and cannot be left out. The component offers ease of use and is customizable. It also displays the company of the credit card and matches it with the credit number that’s entered.

Final Words:

These are some of the major React components that you should be using in the year 2020. The different features offered certainly are beneficial and make your work easier.

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