TOP 5 The Most Centuries In IPL In One Season

Most Centuries in IPL Season

Any batsman aims to become a successful player. One of their biggest achievements that can make them a big player is scoring a century. However, not everyone can do that! Only a handful of batsmen are known to have scored a century in an IPL match. This article would name the batsman who has scored a position on the IPL century list; making history in the T20 matches.

Centuries In IPL In One Season

If we count the most hundreds in IPL matches then the list isn’t very long! The batsman requires a lot of skill, dedication, commitment, and lastly hard work to make it into the list of centuries scored in IPL matches. So far, only 72 centuries have been made by 39 batsmen in the IPL matches and have secured a spot on the list; fulfilling their dream.

The first century was made by the batsman Brandon McCullum who was able to make 158 runs. The match was against RCB, in 2008. In that very event, history was made for the very first time. Very recently, in the Indian Premier League; Joss Buttler was able to make 4 centuries, making his team very proud.

In this article, we will also list down the 5 batsmen who have made it into the IPL centuries list by making the most centuries in the IPL matches of the season.

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Jos Buttler – 4 Centuries in 2022

Quite recently the English batsman, Joe Buttler made an ever-breaking record of centuries, leaving behind Virat Kohli in the Indian Premier League 2022 by making the most centuries in IPL season; 4 to be exact. The player is 31 years old and has shown dedication towards his team and outshone all other players on the field. He single handedly took his team; Rajasthan Royals to victory by making crashing hits against Mumbai Indians, team of Kolkata Knight Riders, and Delhi Capitals.

Winning wasn’t an easy task for Buttler but he did the unthinkable. He played strategically by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent team and Rajasthan Royals. He knew his team had a shallow batting line, which is why he not only played with his body but his mind too! He kept the scoring low in the first initial overs but smashed the bowlers hard in the middle overs. It is indeed an amazing achievement for Buttler to have the highest century in IPL season 2022.

Virat Kohli – 4 Centuries in 2016

The 33 years old Indian batsman made quite an accomplishment in 2016 by securing 4 centuries in the Indian Premier League. 2016 was a year that can never be forgotten as Kohli made an astounding comeback by exhibiting a brilliant game and taking his team Royal Challengers Bangalore to victory.

In just one season by making the most centuries in one IPL season, Virat Kohli made spectacular scores. The first win was against Gujrat Lions by making exactly 100 runs. Of course, the next ball is the way out but not before bagging his first century of the season. The second match followed against Rising Pune Supergiants making 108 runs. The third century was 109 runs; Kohli was lucky against the Gujarat Lions once again. He finished off the season by winning from King XI Punjab by making a score of 113 which was Virat Kohli’s highest score in IPL season. Without any doubt, it can be said that Kohli did amazing batsmanship in IPL 2016.

Shane Watson – 2 Centuries in 2018

Shane Watson is one of the most popular batsmen to have ever entered the cricket World. The 41-year-old Australian cricketer won 2 centuries in the IPL season of 2018. He took his team; Chennai Express Kings to victory by outshining all other players of the season. However, Watson is now assistant coach of the Delhi Capitals.

Watson created IPL history in 2018 when he smashed the first century against the Rajasthani Royals followed by scoring a second century which was the most 100 in IPL against the Sunrisers Hyderabad. In the final match, Watson’s start was slow but he became the man of the match when he smashed back-to-back 11 fours and 8 sixes. A phenomenal win for Watson in 2018 which was IPL highest score batsman in one season; making him the man of the season!

Hashim Amla – 2 Centuries in 2019

Hashim Amla scored the most hundreds in IPL season 2019. The 39 aged South African batsman player bagged the trophy for Punjab Kings. With Hashim Amla on the team, Punjab Kings became the strongest team of the season.

In the first match, Hashim Ali leads the team by making 198 runs setting the target of 199 runs for Mumbai Indians. Hashim Amla made 104 runs in just 60 balls. Smashing eight fours and six sixes, the crowd was blown away by Hashim Ali’s performance.

Coincidently Hashim Ali made a century of the same score; most hundred in IPL, 104 against the Gujarat Lions. Five fours and 8 sixes lead to a remarkable win. The second inning was played beautifully where he caught up the score 50 in just 25 balls. Amazingly played!

Chris Gayle – 2 Centuries in 2011

Let’s not forget the 42 aged Jamaican batsman, Chris Gayle who scored the most centuries in IPL season. In 2011 the highest score in IPL by a player in one season was made by Gayle bagging 2 centuries. Whilst playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore, Gayle left everyone in surprise as no one had bet on him. In the first few overs, Gayle took it slowly; assessing the wicket and bowlers of the opponent team. From then onwards, there was no stopping him! Against 55 balls he made a soaring score of 102; the Kolkata team had to chase a target of 171 runs.

Chris Gayle currently holds the highest record of most centuries in IPL, scoring a T20 century, that too in just 30 balls. In the 2011 season alone with 608 runs in 183 balls, the batsman had 2 centuries and 3 half centuries in that very IPL season of 2011.

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