Top 10 Evergreen Movies Inspiring you to Make Money

No doubts in saying that cash, money has taken the spotlight upon itself worldwide and even it is not even a surprise that the filmmakers considered money to be an asset for concentrating on the cash associated movies. There are innumerable people who are working really hard to earn money because of their poor conditions. Some of them even try to take a short cut, while some of them get into trouble doing that. No doubts, money is one of the most essential requirements to live a decent life in this materialistic world. So, it also becomes an uncommon requirement for the movies about money as well.

The dream and need of every single person is MONEY, which makes it occupy the centre stage in the world. There are numerous movies associated with genre Money or Cash and why would not they focus on it? After all, the whole world revolves around money only. I specifically came up with top 10 evergreen movies inspiring people to make money. Everyone though have a different perspective about money, but one thing is common among all is that everyone keeps an eye on it. Videos, especially movies, are the best way for motivating us.


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Top 10 Evergreen Movies Inspiring you to Make Money

Scarface (1983) – Crime Drama

This movie revolves more around money, blood and drugs. It is a true autobiographical story of Scarface, a United States gangster who terrorized Chicago during prohibition until arrested for tax evasion (1899-1947) reflecting his will as well as admirable skills. It particularly teaches the audience about how to influence people and win friends.

Trading Places (1983) – Comedy

This movie is a classic comedy which is associated with poor and rich switching places. The two rich brothers plan out for a social experiment and ruin the lives of successful commodities. Thus, replacing them and making it a comedy.

Wall Street (1987) – Thriller

The story revolves around an ambitious stockbroker, Bud Fox, who does everything for achieving success. He follows the path of reprehensible crime carrying insider trading and works on a motto “Greed is good”.

Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) – Drama

The whole story revolves around the bumpy rides on the real estate workplace, which is based in Chicago. It is one of the amazing movies on earning money.

Casino (1995) – Crime Drama

It also deals all with the money as the root to evils. The whole story revolves around a gambling genius, Ace Rothstein, who significantly turns a Tangiers casino into a gold mine, but unfortunately ends up in allowing people to take the advantage.

The Color of Money (1996) – Drama

This movie is all about exploitation, money and revenge starring a hotshot pool player, Eddie Felson.

Office Space (1999) – Comedy

Everyone does hate their office space and work. If you are the one who really hate your work, then this movie is for you. It inspires the people to jump out of their desk jobs directly into the corporate world.

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Boiler Space (2000) – Thriller

This thriller starers Vin Diesel, who is a college dropout, yet smart and intelligent. He utilizes his own aggressive cold-calling techniques for establishing unlawful gambling while being a legal financial investment company. Being a broker, he quickly runs on the path of success with his tasks, but those tasks are not genuine as it sounds.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001) – Crime Thriller

This is one of my favourite movies which inspires me to earn money. This movie shows that the money is the major root of evil. A chain of casinos in Vegas is owned by Terry Benedict and he significantly tries to destroy his competitors for building his own empire. On the other hand, Danny Ocean, his competitor hires a crew for robbing him.

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) – Drama

This movie is not just about money, but also on never giving up. This movie is based on a true story of Christopher Gardner, starring Will Smith.

These are the top 10 evergreen movies inspiring you to make money. These movies throw light on money from different perspectives and from different angles.

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