The Top Google PDF Editors in 2021

The Top Google PDF Editors in 2021

Editing files is an essential service in our day and age that is provided by different platforms. It allows people to easily work with the documents they create and collaborate with others.

This collaboration can also be observed in educational institutions where both students and teachers are now accustomed to editing files, leaving comments, annotating, or making changes together. Additionally, the ability to interact within the document is crucial because it makes the process more productive and cooperation more effective.

Although PDF documents can be edited using multiple programs, there are still people who consider PDF files to be unchangeable. These people are at a loss if they need to make changes to the file. In reality, PDF files were created to make the information they contained safer and so not just anyone could edit the document.  Thus, you cannot open a PDF file and immediately make changes if particular programs have not been downloaded to your PC or certain extensions have not been added to your browser.

There are multiple services that offer various options today, so if you are a regular user of PDF files and frequently need to edit PDF files online, simplify this everyday procedure and learn how to complete it more quickly, safely and easily.

How to be sure you are choosing the right service?

First of all, figure out your top priority. Is the main goal to prevent loss, damage or editing of your document by someone else? In order to keep your information safe, use only credible programs. The process of looking for the top PDF editor can sometimes confuse users. There are a variety of solutions to choose from. For example, Adobe Acrobat DC Pro is a higher-end program. However, if you are not an experienced user, it’s better to leave this for the professionals. Perhaps try to find something less complicated and more user-friendly. Make sure to take price into consideration because using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro as a professional and multifunctional service is quite expensive. If your needs are limited to editing a few files, there is no need to download such a professional program. If you have  decided to edit PDF files for the first time, try to look for something comprehensive and user-friendly.

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Now let’s consider the Top Google PDF Editors in 2021

  1. Adobe Acrobat DC Pro

We have already discussed this service and came to the conclusion that it is the right choice for professional users who need a multitude of functions and will use them often. For an ordinary person who uses a PDF editor less frequently, it will be too complicated and expensive. All things considered, Adobe still takes one of the top positions.

  1. Wondershare PDFelement Pro

Most professional editors use this service because of the variety of options it offers. It is considered easy to use, but simultaneously includes all the features that professional users require. It has become a great alternative to the Adobe Acrobat service available today.

  1. PDFelement 8

When you install this tool on your PC, you get access to an abundance of functions for your PDF including editing. You will also find features like changing size, font, and other characteristics of the PDF file. Additionally, if you need to edit certain images in your doc, this service offers the full package of functions (deleting, rotating, changing text color, etc.). It is also more affordable than Adobe Acrobat Pro.

  1. Nitro Pro

This multifunctional program is considered to be among the best current PDF editors. Nitro Pro has versions for both personal use or business. It is very convenient to have both options in one product. All the possible editing tools you could need are included. The program has a user-friendly interface so even if you are using the program for the first time, it will be straightforward.

  1. Lumin PDF  

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This multifunctional service offers everything you need in one place. The user-friendly interface, in cooperation with comprehensive step-by-step guides, makes it one of the most extensive and easy-to-use tools. The variety of options in this program is incredible. It is both intuitive and simple.  Lumin PDF is definitely one of the best editing programs.

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Additionally, take into consideration the following features while choosing the program that is right for you.

  • Check whether it offers easy conversion of PDF files; you should be able to convert different files (text doc, Microsoft Word, Microsoft  Excel, PPT, JPG) to PDF and vice versa.

  • You should be able to learn how to edit your docs quickly and easily with the step-by-step guides offered by the service.

  • PDF editing doesn’t only mean making changes in texts but also commenting, deleting, annotating, merging files, drawing, painting, rotating, cropping pages, splitting PDFs into several files. Check whether the program has these functions before making a decision.

  • An important option is the ability to share. Sometimes other people need to edit the doc and it is essential they can do it immediately after you share a link/doc with them.

  • The option of adding a signature to PDF files is crucial in the workplace so double-check if this kind of editing is included.

Editing PDF files is not a complicated process, however, it will be infinitely more difficult if you don’t choose the correct program and thoroughly learn how to use it. Choose a credible and reliable service so you can work with your files safely and productively. You will definitely feel the difference. Programs that weren’t available a few years ago are widely used now. They have made the workflow more organic and productive. These programs have also had a positive influence on the studying process because teachers and students can now edit docs in real-time. Even for personal purposes, using these programs may prove to be vital.

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