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The history of technology

The history of technology

Description: Where the technology begins and how communication develops. The advantages of modern technology we use to communicate and interact

What technology is?

Many people think that technology is digital TV, apps, the cloud, software, hardware and other stuff we use today. But, in practice, technology is something deeper. It is the human effort to make any task easier. The history of technology goes all the way back to the ancient periods when humans just started to communicate. Their technologies were caves and abilities to draw. Our technologies are traveling on the light speed and exploring the space. Thanks to modern technologies, we can communicate long distance, understand unfamiliar languages, research without leaving homes, and do many others cool and convenient things. We have social networks, apps to study and play, https://thepaperwriting.com/coursework-writing, unlimited access to the tons of information. To understand how we get the modern technology, we have to go back in the past. By exploring the contribution of past technology, we can understand better what happens in the present. We can also analyze how these inventions inspired new technologies.

The short overview of the history of technology

The evolution of telecommunication from antiquity to modern times can provide us with the answers about technological advancements.

Past communication and telecommunication technologies are the predecessors of everything we have today. For millennia, humans have created tools to communicate. In ancient history, humans invented cave drawings to show examples of their daily lives, haunting habits, and the animals they observed. For them, it was a kind of writing. Then, over time, different civilizations like the Maya and the Egyptians invented their own systems of writing. They used hieroglyphics to write about their battles, customs, and leaders. They wrote on the stones. Centuries later, a paper was invented in China. It was an incredible and useful creation.

Each generation contributed to new technology and the distribution of important works until we got to the printing press, the typewriter, and the computer. Each former device or the way of communication and telecommunications was slower and simpler. For example, typewriters did not have screens and you had to type directly on paper. If you made a mistake, you had to start all over. The gradual evolution of technology led us to the first computer that was invented in 1936 in Germany. It was enormous and very different from modern computers.

Long distance communication also developed gradually. For instance, Inca used the messengers, people who had to travel long distances to carry letters. Over time, other technologies were introduced, like the horses and carriages, the telegraph, satellites, and the World Wide Web.

The advantages of modern computers, laptops, smartphones

Nowadays, communication and telecommunication technology plays a vital role. It allows organizing the stuff better, saving and sharing the different information like images, videos, texts, and music. Furthermore, you can communicate long distances more efficiently whether you are speaking, writing, or teleconferencing.

We can do all these things thanks to software, innovative computer programs, and cell phone applications. There is new software every day. Some software programs are just for specific fields like architecture, engineering, medicine, and education when others are universal. Along with software, there is also hardware, the physical components of a computer like a mouse, a keyboard, a screen, and a CPU.

With the invention of the Internet, communication and telecommunication technologies changed even more. Information on the Internet can be used anytime, anywhere by anyone. The internet has affected the way in which we use other technologies too. For example, earlier people listened only live music, then recorders, radio, a Walkman and a Discman. Now we use MP4 or MP5. The same with TV, movies, games and other things we cannot imagine our lives without.

Technology makes our lives easier, better, and far more interesting.

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