The Beginner’s Guide to Creating Simple Timelapse Videos

Taking videos and photos are ways to record some of your fondest memories. They allow you to look back on some events that are worth remembering. There are different ways you can take videos or photos, but one technique that is gaining popularity is the timelapse technique.

What is the Timelapse Technique?

The timelapse technique allows you to take multiple pictures per minute, which you can then put in the right order to make a video. Making timelapse videos may take a lot of time, but the result would be wonderfully magnificent if done correctly.

What Factors Do You Need To Consider?

Before making a timelapse video, there are many factors that you have to consider. Firstly, you have to decide on an impressive scenery that would tell an exciting story. You then would have to decide on the gadget that you will use. You could use your smartphone, which usually has the time lapse option in the Camera app, a professional camera, which for some you may have to set up manually to your preference, or a GoPro camera. Also, to ensure that you can get the best shots, mount your camera or phone somewhere that is stable, such as a sturdy mobile tripod.

The most significant concern would have to be the time-interval. For timelapse videos, you would have to calculate how many shots you need to take and how long you will be taking the pictures. You could do the math manually, but you could save yourself the hassle by utilizing this time lapse calculator. You would only have to input the values required for the project length and shoot or clip details. You could also calculate for the SD card memory requirements and power requirements for the whole duration of the project through this calculator.

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If you are planning for your next timelapse project, the right preparation and tools will help you create simple yet beautiful timelapse videos.

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