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The advantages of using an email verification tool

In the world of business, the leading direction goes to working with the client base, as well as its expansion. Therefore, competent email marketing can benefit any business and increase sales. But this requires competent work with email lists. It is impossible to check thousands of addresses in manual mode. Therefore, for email verification, there is a special service that automatically checks all emails from the list.

Why Email Verification Is So Important

In the world of email marketing, the reputation of the sender is extremely important. What happens if you start sending messages to non-existent emails, or to those that do not belong to potential customers, services, companies, etc. All of this will lead to a high level of bounce. Therefore, mail systems may consider that you are sending spam and add you to the sender blacklist.

To preserve and strengthen your reputation, you need to use an email checker TrueMail that automatically remove:

  • duplicates;
  • non-existent addresses;
  • service emails;
  • rarely used addresses.

Thanks to the algorithm, you can expect 99% successful delivery of all your messages.

Low subscriber activity is one of the sore spots for email marketers. There are a lot of reasons: uninteresting content, banal email subject lines, or unattractive design. But non-existent addresses are the most trivial reason, from which no one is immune. Checking the existence of an email will help you establish key metrics and improve your reputation.

Email Checker Functionality

An email verifier allows you to exclude potentially risky emails that could harm the sender’s reputation:

  • Using SMTP for user identification;
  • Validation of emails of all types, including corporate, and all the largest providers – Gmail, Yahoo;
  • Automatic segmentation of search results.

Java Script widget allows you to verify a contact even before it goes to the database. Thanks to a special form, the user will not be able to sign up if they provide a non-existent email or written with errors.

This saves a massive amount of time for marketers who are developing email communications. Email checker integrates into various APIs and CMS, which allows it to be used on a large number of platforms.

Checking the validity of an address is useful if you want to:

  • Reduce the percentage of spam complaints, bounces, and delivery errors;
  • Avoid spam traps and blacklists;
  • Increase your reputation in the mailing service;
  • Reduce the cost of email marketing.

Address validation is a way to dramatically improve metrics without actually changing your email marketing strategy.

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