The 4 Most Common Mistakes in Employer Branding

In these uncertain times, many companies have opted to invest efforts in improving their employer brand. If you are in this process, today we bring you a post to help you avoid falling into the most common mistakes!

The guide that will help you update your knowledge on how to build your digital strategy to attract and retain talent through the easy setup of your website, your employment panel, and Networks Social.

Let’s get to it, what are the most common mistakes in building your digital Employer Branding?

1. Unattractive or Difficult to Access Job Page

When a candidate lands on the job page, they have already shown interest in working for your company. You can’t let it a getaway!

The IT recruiter has to be simple, intuitive, and responsive, in addition to being optimized for SEO and having visibility on the company’s website. If we want to attract candidates, we must make it easy for them to access and encourage their registration to the offers through valuable audiovisual content. Include testimonials from your employees, images of the facilities, and communicate your corporate culture with them.

Don’t make the mistake of creating a simple job listing, an ideal job page is so much more than that! Use storytelling to tell what it is like to work in the company through stories, videos, and interactive elements. According to a study by Social Media Today, 70% of millennials trust companies that use videos to publicize their products or services more.

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2. Incomplete Offers and Complex Enrollment Flows

The offer itself has to capture the potential candidate and make them a registered candidate. It is essential that you have access to all the information you need to make a decision regarding the job. In addition, it must be adapted to the format of each channel.

The mission of the offer page is to make your registration easy, with a clear call to action and an easy-to-use, a short form that allows you to sign up with a professional profile such as LinkedIn or Indeed.

The excessively long and difficult forms to complete are one of the errors Employer Branding most common and the most dangerous, because the more time they spend in the process, the most candidates are lost along the way.

One exercise we do in our consulting sessions is to recreate the enrollment flow that the candidate must follow, and you would be surprised how difficult it is many times!

3. Ignore the Candidate Experience

A candidate in love with your brand will speak well of you and may even refer you to other candidates, while a disgruntled candidate will speak poorly of you and can become a detractor of the brand, in addition to its possible impact on the sales of your company. That is why investing in candidate experience is essential, even if the candidate does not become a finalist in the process.

To get a good experience, the most important thing is to communicate with the candidates at all times: Welcome them, explain how it will work, at what point in the process they are … It is about building their loyalty since the candidates may be in several processes at the same time and we want to keep them hooked on ours to separate ourselves from the competition and get them to keep us in mind before the rest.

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The 45% of job seekers candidates using mobile at least once a day specifically to seek work. For this reason, having a personalized employment app is key, both to boost traffic to your offers and to communicate instantly with candidates as soon as their status changes in the process through push notifications.

4. Put Aside Social Networks

According to a Hootsuite study worldwide, we spend an average of 2:24 hours a day on social media, a figure that is increasing (especially among the millennial and Z generations). This is a golden opportunity to make your brand known!

Facebook is ideal for sharing content that can go viral and can be the perfect showcase to transmit your corporate culture in an entertaining and visual way. Bet on infographics, videos, images, GIFs… In it, you can impact generation X and millennials.

Twitter is the king of immediacy and links. It works very well to share content that interests the audience and potential candidates, as well as what kind of issues the company cares about (environment, education, equality…). It’s also great for setting up conversations and answering questions, especially with Baby Boomers!

LinkedIn is the professional social network par excellence, where we can talk about values ​​and benefits of exclusive search firms, as well as interact in thematic groups, such as the Employer Branding community that we have created from Talent Clue. It is used mostly by generation X.

And obviously, Instagram could not be missing, the favorite of millennials and generation Z. This network stands out for the quality of the audiovisual material and is perfect to show what it is like to work in your company, what the employees are like, and what makes them special. It can be a great magnet for talent!

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