Steps To Take With Your Social Media Campaign

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool. Instagram alone has over a million users and then add on top of that other sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and even Reddit. People love communicating and sharing, which makes it the ideal place to market your brand organically. Even paid advertising on these platforms is powerful, but social media is not, and should not, be the only digital marketing effort you make. You need to spread out your campaign so that it is more robust, and you gain more benefits over time, which is why if you are making any of these five mistakes you need to change your strategy today:

Plan Out Your Feed

On social media, your feed is your driving factor. By not planning it out you can actually hurt your chances of a follow. On Facebook, for example, try to share a variety of posts. On Instagram, choose a unified aesthetic. By aligning your content with a great aesthetic and content, you can improve how often users engage with your accounts.

Use the Tools You Have

Each social media platform has its own set of tools and capabilities, and not crafting each post specifically for that platform is a huge mistake. Take Instagram, for example, today’s businesses can not only tag their products in posts; they can tag them in their stories as well. By not using these features, you are missing out on a lot of sales traffic.

Engage with Users

The key word with social media is “social.” If your campaign doesn’t also focus on engaging with your users and community, then you have made a grave error. Share community-generated posts, host giveaways, and respond to a few comments. It doesn’t take a lot to make someone feel special, and building those relationships is a great way to boost engagement and repeat business.

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Focus On Other Key Digital Marketing Strategies

One of the greatest tools for greater visibility, brand authority, and an increase in page visits is Google. Google connects users with sites that they are looking for, and with every algorithm update they push out their results become increasingly relevant. If you were to be on the first page of Google, your site’s traffic would increase exponentially, but you cannot get there just by hoping. You need to invest in an SEO link building service to increase your ranking on relevant keywords. Not only will this boost your ranking, but it will also increase the number of organic hits to your site.

Put Effort into Your Site

Last but not least there is your content. Content here doesn’t just mean what you post to social media, but what you post to your site. If you sell content, you need to send them to your e-commerce store. If you write a blog, there needs to be written content, and so on. You need to offer your users more than just what is on your social media account, because this is what is truly going to set you apart from your competition and grow the relationships you have with other users.

Social media is a great place to focus your marketing efforts, but it should never be the only place you focus your efforts. Avoid these common mistakes with your campaign, and you will see more long-term benefits and greater success.

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