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Some of the Best Mounts in WoW – How to Get Them?

Some of the Best Mounts in WoW - How to Get Them?

As their name depicts, Mounts help the players explore World of Warcraft. Players can obtain many fantastic-looking mounts and get a ride whenever they want. Horses, hulking beasts, and dragons are some of the sweetest mounts every player wants to try.

In the beginning, Mounts used to be an expensive affair; however, as time went by, the prices and resources needed to get the mount dropped too. Today you can complete the quests, make achievements, and get chances to obtain the mounts you want.

In WoW, players also have a variety of tasks and quests to complete. Terminating bosses and collecting the gears is one of them. However, one should not miss the fun and always run behind killing the bosses. For this, players prefer the SotFO Normal carry, which lets them carry on exciting adventures. The experts play on your behalf and kill all the bosses while you enjoy flying on your mounts.

Getting Different Mounts to Explore WoW

WoW has many maps to explore. However, some of these locations are hard to explore on foot, and that is where a mount becomes necessity Mount does not only support your journey but makes it way less time-consuming.

Hence with mounts, you can cover more distance in less time. Let’s read along and know how to obtain your mounts while enjoying the Classic TBC servers.

First, you need to devote enough time to achieve the mounts. Even the most common mounts can take weeks while completing those daily grind tasks.

Secondly, it depends on your reputation level too. To increase it, you will need to complete many quests, do daily activities, compete many times, and progress.

Last, you should have “Campion” before setting your hopes for the mounts. You need to go through the Dungeons or Raids as many mounts are a part of drops that happen here. All of this becomes easier when you have your group of friends who can enter the dungeons when the drop resets.

Gold coins always help and make the journey easier for you. You should remember that obtaining mounts is an activity that will always keep you busy in some or the other activity.

Some Sweet Burning Crusade Mounts

There are some of the mounts that, if you have, consider yourself lucky. It is evident that they are not easy to get, but you should continue to grind and complete more tasks to achieve these rare mounts.

Ashes of Al’ar: This one comes from the Tempest Keep Raid. Here you first have to defeat the Phoenix, which creates the chance of a drop. You can also indeed loot the body and see what you get. Here the chance of a drop is 3% which means you would have to sweat enough for getting the mount.

Cenarion War Hippogryph: For this, you first need to become a part of the Cenarion Expedition in Zangarmarsh. Once you have leveled up enough, you can buy this mount with 1700 Gold coins.

Some Sweet Burning Crusade Mounts

Fiery Warhorse’s Reins: There is a chance of 1% that the drop will happen. You approach Karazhan and find the Huntsman. Once you defeat the boss, you get the chance to see the drop. However, it may take some time.

Reins of the Raven Lord: This one is also 1% of the chance for you to have the mount. Here you need to kill the last boss in Sethekk Halls Dungeon. You are then rewarded with the mount for leveling up your game with Netherwing.

Swift White Hawkstrider: This drop happens from the Magister’s Terrace containing a 1.1% chance. However, it is rare, and you need luck by your side.

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