Sharing Private Files Online Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Mobile devices have made it easier for people to be online, no matter where they are. Whether they are on vacation, commuting, or shopping, it’s possible to stay in contact with family and friends, as well as to conduct business. Using these devices is a great way to stay connected and conduct business outside of normal hours.

Since people are so connected through the internet, this means that at some point in time, you are going to do file-sharing online. You probably already have, if you’ve ever attached a document to an email or uploaded a photo or a video to social media, you are sharing files online.

Most of the time, you don’t think twice about sharing things with others. However, when it comes to your business and working with clients, you need to take precautions. The world may be connected through the internet, but it’s also possible for data to be breached and important information to be stolen. That’s why when it comes to file sharing online, especially private documents, you need to keep your information secure.

If you currently aren’t sharing your files through a client portal or other secure system, then you are at risk for data being stolen and misused. You may think that you have the right procedures and protocols in place, but there are some things that employees or clients might be doing to hurt your file sharing process.

Using Free Wi-Fi

Your employees and clients may not always be working in the office. Since technology has made it easy to stay connected no matter where they are, they may be in the local coffee shop or at the library or in a store. If these places offer free Wi-Fi (which many of them do), your employees or clients may be connecting to it to conduct business.

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The problem with such free connections is that these aren’t secure, which means that hackers can access private files. Once they are in, they can get a lot of data that they can use to their benefit. To protect your business and your clients, you need to make sure you are transferring files securely using the right technology.

Being Overly Curious

Most people, by nature, are curious. That means that they’ll open every link in a document to see where it goes, even if you told them they aren’t supposed to. This option to view anything could mean that they gain access to information that they aren’t supposed to see, and this puts your business and clients at risk.

It’s best to use the right file-sharing tools, to prevent this from happening so that they only have access to the information they work on. This is the best way to keep curious individuals out of the files they shouldn’t be in and also your data safe.

Sharing Files Online

File sharing online is part of the current world, and it’s something that employees and clients expect from your company. This is especially beneficial if you work with people around the world, as it allows you to keep everyone informed and your business running. There are ways to keep data secure and information private, but it requires to have the right tools. Adding these to your business will let clients know that you care about them and increase their trust in you, so they are well worth the investment.

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