SEMrush Review: A Tool To Research Competitors’ Keywords

Ever searched for an SEO tool that helps you with keyword research, backlinks, competitor ranks, keyword ranking, and also handles the SEO audit of your blog? If it’s a yes, then let us introduce you to a tool that is trusted by many professionals and SEO agencies. It is none other than SEMrush.

About SEMrush- A Review

SEMrush is the most favored tool among millions of users. Unlike any other SEO tools it makes keyword research a piece of cake. Once you have done the keyword research you can include keywords and track their positions in various search engines structured on geographical location.

The geographical location feature is highly significant for those who target specific places like India, U.K, Australia, U.S, Spain, etc. For someone who is a global blogger, this feature is really helpful in seeing the site ranks in specific counties’ search engines.

All in all, SEM (Search engine marketing) is a highly significant tool that should be used by every serious blogger and internet marketer.

It is here that you’ll get the top trending 200 organic keywords for the particular domain and also receive a brief backlink report for any domain. A fascinating feature here is the ability to find the top keywords driving traffic to literally any domain.

Features of SEMrush

Those who don’t know, SEMrush is brimming with features and to make navigation easier here are major features of SEMrush that you cannot miss.

  1. Keyword Magic Tool: with the SEMrush you can use the conventional way of researching the keywords magic tool. You’ll get metrics like keyword difficulty, competitive density, SERP features, cost-per-click data. Don’t forget to try the related feature of keyword magic tools which will help you to discover keywords that you might miss.
  2. Number of clicks: do pay some attention to click potential column, as it is helps you to understand how many clicks you can expect for your target keyword post ranking for #1.
  3. Site Audit: the most popular feature of SEMrush which is great for your own sites. If you are an SEO agency, you can run and create a white label report for your clients. For improving the technical SEO of your website a single site audit could potentially reveal a plethora of changes you must make on the target site to attain better ranks.
  4. Position Tracking Mobile App: SEMrush’s mobile application will let you view your keyword position from your phone itself. This is one exceptional feature which is not available in most of the SEO suites. For now, it is available for Android and iOS version is coming out really soon.
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So back to the initial doubt, Is SEMrush Preferred?

YES, yes it is preferred and here is why:

If we consider the example of bloggers, they work day and night to construct posts with a hope of increasing the existing traffic coming into the site. But what they fail to understand is the lack of focus on how they’re actually generating the traffic. If you check the analytics you’ll see that only a handful of your blog posts are contributing traffic to the blog.

However, using the SEMrush will get you better keywords that will help you in driving traffic. You can create content based around those keywords and within no time you’ll get a better position for certain target keywords in your niche.

While writing the SEMrush review, the best part we observed is they offer a 14-day free trial.

SEMrush pricing: Which SEMrush plan is suitable?

It offers multiple and for various purposes, and you can opt the one you like the most.

  • Pro plan
  • Guru plan
  • Business plan
  • Enterprise plan

We’ll recommend the PRO account if you are an individual, but for an amateur who is new to this kind of marketing, you can always take the 14-day free trial and then pick the most suitable plan. For agencies, it is the Guru Plan that offers all bells and whistles.


We hope this SEMrush review acquainted you with this awesome search engine marketing tool. But do remember, no wonder SEMrush will ease your work and is a useful researching tool, in the end it always comes down to your hard work, smartness and wit! So use them wisely, as SEMrush is here to ease your work and not to do your work.

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