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Review of the Binomo trading platform with traders’ reviews

Binomo trading platform
Binomo is a client-based company that provides unique possibilities in the market of great online trading technologies. It offers high-quality services to all its clients at the same standard as the American and European brokers. Binomo is a world-class trading platform that delivers one of the best services and support, with analytical information such as charts and data, client support, and educational tutorials.

Binomo has its clients from different parts of the world, and they enjoy all the beneficial terms and quick access it offers. Thus, the company continually strives to provide its clients with the highest level of mutual trust and a great investing platform.

Binomo was created by the Dolphin Corp company, which is registered with the number 25151 IBC 2018, under the laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

The company’s headquarters is located on the First Floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Every service Binomo offers through the Binomo mobile app and the Binomo website(binomo.com).

Binomo- your honest trading partner.

Binomo trading is high-end trading with a wide range of financial assets. The company features some of the most beneficial trading and investment terms on the market. There are analytical services for client trading, convenient access for both the experienced and the novice trader, and an informational section of high-quality tutorials.

Registration and Sign in

Before you can sign in, get your registration done. It is quite simple. Visit the website’s main page, at the upper right corner; you will find a “Login” button. Click the button, and a Sign-up tab will be displayed.

Provide your email address and a strong password for your account creation. Then you can select the currency you prefer for the funds’ deposit and withdrawal. Go through the Client Agreement and Privacy Policy before completion. Confirm your email address through the verification email, and that concludes your account creation. You can start trading on Binomo now.

Account Type

There are different types of Binomo accounts you can trade on, and they are Demo, Standard, Gold, and VIP accounts.

  1. Free (Demo) Account

You get a virtual $1000 for demo trading on a free account, and it gets replenished when exhausted. Being a demo account because you can make trades on a real chart and actively learn about how the platform works. This account is mainly for you to practice all you’ve learned, your strategies and ideas before actual trading. 

  1. Standard Account

A Standard account is a real account where you can make actual trading. With this account, you get additional assets that you use for trading. For you to activate the Standard account, you need a minimum deposit of 5 dollars. The account gives you access to +40 assets for active trading.

  1. Gold account

The Gold account is better than the Standard account. To activate a Gold account, you need a total amount of deposits of at least 500$. You also get additional assets that become available for you.

  1. VIP Account

This account is the best Binomo account, higher than the Gold account. To open a VIP account, your total amount of deposits should be 1000$ or more. Also, you are granted access to additional assets for your trading.

Deposit, Commission, and Bonuses

The minimum deposit is 10 EUR/10 USD or its equivalence; it depends on your account’s currency. Although, India and Kenya are exempted as their minimum deposit is 5 USD/5 EUR/350 INR. Bonuses are funds credited to your trading account to add to your trading potential. These funds shall be added following the bonus or promotional programs held on Binomo’s website.

How to use Binomo?

You need to know and understand how to trade well on the platform. You can only make a profit on a real account. Always confirm the type of account you choose before you start trading. Select the Real account at the upper right corner, just above the chart.

Pick your preferred asset, either EUR/USD. Then set the time and amount for your trade. It is better to carry out a detailed analysis of the price movement on the chart first. Use this analysis to make a forecast. If you think, from your forecast, that the asset price will rise higher, click on the green button, but if it will decrease, click on the red one.

Wait for the trade’s completion and check to see if your forecast was right and the transaction is done successfully. The profit will be paid instantly to your account. It might not be comfortable trading at first, but you keep getting better. Start by exploring the platform trading interface and getting familiar with it.

How to withdraw funds with Binomo

You can only withdraw to the account that you use for deposit. Withdrawal can be made to your verified card, and other means of withdrawal is also available. The minimum withdrawal on the platform is $10/€10, or its equivalent. However, you can check the minimum allowed for your country, and you can also contact the customer support service support@binomo.com for other information.

Binomo Mobile App

Binomo has a trading app that is accessible on both Android and iOS devices for easy access to trading. The website is relatively convenient to trade on and user-friendly.


Learning is important. Therefore, Binomo has provided free resources and tutorials to practice, to master your trading skills.


Binomo has outstanding technical support that is always available to help at any time. If you encounter any issues whatsoever, you should contact them at support@binomo.com. They are readily available to help you resolve any problems you may have.

Why you should try Binomo

Binomo trading is an excellent opportunity to increase your financial capacity up to 90% in a short time. When you give a correct forecast with Binomo, you can earn massively from price fluctuations, which have their risks if the forecast is not accurate.


​How can I change my account currency?​

After your account registration, you can no longer change your account currency. You should ask the support to delete the old account before creating a new one. Then you can use the old email for creating a new account.

What is the use of verification?

Verification is necessary identity confirmation of the account holder, the payee, and the payer. The security of your Binomo account, as well as your funds, is the most critical concern.

The documents that need verification should be sent from your account email to our email, support@binomo.com.

How can I get a bonus?

These are the steps for getting bonuses:

– deposit funds in your account (except demo);

– input a bonus code to use;

– you can activate a bonus.

How can I fund my account?​

Take these steps:

– Visit the Cashier section (https://binomo.com/cashier);

– Choose your preferred payment method;

– Type in the amount to credit;

– Click Credit;

– Follow the given instructions, as stated by the payment system.

How can I take part in tournaments?

Click on the “Sign up” button to take part in the tournament account. Visit the tournament page and ensure you have funds in your real account equal to or greater than the sign-up minimum. You can also take part in daily free tournaments.

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