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PS5 Vs. PS4 – Should You Buy Now or Wait?

by Anton
PS5 Vs. PS4 - Should You Buy Now or Wait?

The PlayStation 4 has been leading the gaming console for some years now, and their new console PS5 is around the corner. It was scheduled to release around march this year, but due to global pandemic crisis, PS5 has been shifted for release until December 2020 if all is well of course. Who knows! they might shift the date again since no one can predict the end of current crisis going on around the world. A lot of PlayStation 4 users are eagerly waiting for the new console to arrive, but have they even thought about what are the differences between PS4 and PS5?

Sony has released almost all the new features equipped in PS5 and therefore it’s important to compare these features to see whether it’s worth upgrading or should you just go ahead and buy PS4. Whatever features PS5 comes with, PS4 will still be relevant in the coming years, because Sony has built one hell of a monster especially PS4 pro, plus the exclusive game collection also it comes with. Enough of the rant, let us compare the two consoles and see if they share some similarities and whether the all new PS5 is worth waiting or not.

PS4 Vs. PS5 – price and release date

The price of PS4 has been dropping since its release in 2013, as the new console is arriving the price has significantly drop again, between $250 – $300, you’ll be able to get yourself a brand new PS4, while for the PS4 pro, it will cost around $349. They now both come with 1TB storage, earlier on its 500GB.

On the other hand, for PS5 you can’t precisely predict the price since it hasn’t reach the market yet, but some sources reveal that it will cost $499 and if there is upgrade version it will cost higher than that.

PS4 Vs PS5 – design

The new version of PS4 introduced in 2016 is very slim and has standard plastic chassis that come in black, the slim design doesn’t draw attention to itself. We can’t say the same about the new PS5, though there are 3d models circulating around the web, but we can’t trust those looks unless it arrives in the market. We hope the design to be better in PS5 since even the newer version of PS4 is better than the first release.

PS4 Vs PS5 – Specs

PS4 runs on 8-Core AMD x86-64 Jaguar CPU, it has a frequency of 1.6 GHz for the basic version, while the pro has 2.13GHz frequency. The PS4 is equipped with 8GB RAM, 2TB, 1TB or 500 GB storage, depending on the model.

PS5 on the other is rumored to come with AMD Ryzen processor, this will give powerful features like 8K video output, 4K video at 120fps and 3D audio. For storage, it will come with something better than PS4, 2TB is the least we expect with a customized ultra-fast SSD, there should be a wide gap between the previous model.

When it comes to media input, they both use Blue ray disc drive, that’s what PS4 use, and PS5 also is said to come with Blue ray drive that’s 4K compatible, this will support UHD gaming and multimedia, provided you have 4K monitor or 4K TV to support it.

PS4 Vs PS5 Controller

Throughout its generations, PlayStation has refined it’s DualShock controller, not much changes are made and you should expect the same for PS5. Based on images leaked online, it shows that PS5 controller will have port placements and size a little bit reduced to provide more control while playing your games.

PS4 Vs PS5 – Interface

The PS4 interface is the best for all PlayStation generations, they made great improvements when transitioning from PS3 to PS4. Based on leaked images, we expect PS5 interface to be better.

We’re still going to get the horizontal menu bar and vertical sub menus; the difference will be that apps and games will be split into different sections. Unlike on PS4 where you have to sort in a single menu and then split your media apps and games.

PS4 Vs PS5 – games

We all know that games collection is what makes PS4 standout from its rivals like Xbox one, and sources show that PS5 will be much better. It will not only come with new games; it will also allow you to play your PS4 games. Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot, mentioned that majority of PlayStation 4 games will be playable on PS5. This is a big advantage because even though they’ve promised new titles in the new PS5, we know they won’t be much, that way you can enjoy current collection of games. Whether PS4 or PS5 you’ll be able to order old games with your PSN cards, with $10 PSN cards you can order games from the PSN store.

Instead of waiting for the PS5 it’s better to lay your hands on PS4 while you can because no can tell when PS5 is arriving, the release date has been shifted twice and who knows if they’re going to postpone the release till next year. So why wait while the PlayStation 4 is affordable than ever before!

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