PS4 controller won’t charge, try these hacks

Are you having a charging problem related to PS4 controlled when you plug your PS4 controller with the charging cable? The light on the front of it doesn’t light up at all? If you are facing these problems, let me tell you are not alone.  Several PS4 users are facing the PS4 controller and won’t change the problem.

But again we have a solution for this too. Let us tell you how you guys can fix it by yourself with this guide.

How to Solve the PS4 controller won’t charge?

Solution 1. Try to reset your PS4 controller

 For the most part, you’re not charging the PS4 regulator as a result of the failed regulator itself. In this way, as the underlying arrangement, we suggest you reset your PS4 regulator.

You can without much of a stretch reset your regulator through these few stages:

  • Discover the reset button on your regulator: it is a very small hole on the back of your controller and under the L2 button.
  • Put a toothpick or a similar object into the reset opening; press the button; hold it down for a couple of moments and afterward discharge.
  • Your controller should then restart. When it begins, attempt to charge it again to check whether effectively 
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Solution 2. Charge your PS4 controller upside down

Kindly charge your PS4 regulator up down when you experience a charging issue. It enables a ton of PS4 players to get their regulator charge once more. You can offer it a chance to check whether it works.

 Just put your PS4 regulator upside down and afterward charge it.

Solution 3. Check the charging cable of your PS4 controller

 Once in a while, your PS4 not charging issue could be because of the charging USB cable. Now follow the following steps to check if there’s an issue with your USB cable:

  • Charge your other regulator if you have one with a similar charging USB cable. If another controller charges, at that point the issue is on your cable side.
  • If another controller additionally doesn’t charge, it appears to be there’s some kind of problem with your USB cable.
  • You can also use the official charging USB cable coming with your PS4 console to charge your controller.

 Solution 4. Check the charging port of your PS4 controller

Like the charging cable, an awful charging port on your PS4 regulator could likewise keep your controller from charging.

Follow to check if there’s some kind of problem with your charging port:

Charge your other controller if you have one with a similar charging USB cable. If another controller charges, there’s presumably some issue with the charging port of your non charging controller.

You at that point need to supplant the charging port of another one. In case you don’t know how to do it, you can request help from the official PlayStation site.

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Solution 5. Replace the batteries of your PS4 controller

If you’ve attempted all the ways above and your controller actually can’t charge, not to be disappointed. You can try to replace the batteries of your PS4 controller.

If you’ve utilized your PS4 controller for an extensive stretch, the batteries of your regulator may lose its charges and kick the bucket due to energizing over and over. So attempt to supplant it with new PS4 batteries and check whether it works.


That’s all from our side about the solutions for the PS4 controller won’t charge. We really hope that the article will meet your needs.

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