All You Need to Know About Photo Management Application Tonfotos


In today’s digital era we usually captured lots of images just for our memories but keeping them organized and managed is an issue that all of us face. 

Here come photo management applications that have an important role in managing your pictures and keeping them well organized. 

One of them is Tonfotos. Its user-friendly interface caters to all of its users whether you are a professional photographer or not. 

Also, it has a face recognition feature that will quickly find the right person for you. In this article, I am going to discuss its features, backup, and much more. So, let’s dive into it.

Features of Tanfotos

The following are the features of Tanfotos:

1.  Intuitive Browsing:

With the help of this feature, you can easily find the picture no matter how old is it.

2.  Face Recognition:

 It also has a face recognition and photo grouping by people feature which allows you to find the right person in an image more quickly.

3.  Family Ties:

It can also store information about your friends and family.

4.  Tagged:

It can also describe the geographical location of your picture.

5.  Import from a smartphone:

It will also make sure that all your photos are safe with automatic import from your smartphone.

6.  Telegram Connector:

It has an amazing feature that can connect your phone to your telegram account which helps in downloading and sharing pictures easily.

7.  Photo Conversion:

Its photo conversion feature helps the user in converting photos to other formats, compress, and optimize image size.

8.  Deleting Duplicate Images:

It can help free up space by deleting duplicate images.

9.  Video Support:

It can also manage your drone footage or action camera shots.

10.  Albums ad favorites:

It can also gather the images without changing their storage location by making favorites in one click.

11.  Instant View Mode:

With this feature, you can make Tonfotos your default image viewer.

12.  Multiple Storage:

 It can allow you to store files on multiple storage devices.

13.  Offline mode:

It can allow you to access the files even when the external devices are not connected.

14.  Impressive Format Support:

Tonfotos also supports a different variety of video and image formats.

15.  RAW images:

You can also work on RAW images with the help of Tonfotos.

16.  HEIC Files:

It can also support Apple’s HEIC files without converting them to JPEG format.

Organizational Tools

Tonfotos has very powerful organizing tools that help in sorting and organizing photos. Here is an overview of them:

1. Tags:

Tonfotos allow users to add tags to their photos according to 6to the event, location, or people. By this, the photos are organized easily.

2. Albums:

You can also create digital albums according to the events.

3. Folders:

You can also create folders to organize your photos according to the projects, clients, etc.

4. Intelligent search:

Tonfotos also help you I searching the photos just by adding dates, tags, location, etc.

5. Customizable criteria:

You can also customize photos according to your needs and preferences.

Pricing and Subscription Options

 Tonfotos includes both free and premium subscription options:

1.  Free Subscription:

In a free subscription, Tonfotos allow users to access the basic features of the applications. With this subscription, users will be able to create and organize a photo library, use the editing tools, and also share the pictures with others.

2.  Premium Subscription:

In a premium subscription, you can unlock the additional features by paying a monthly or yearly subscription fee. These features include increased storage capacity, Advanced editing features, priority customer support, Exclusive features, and updates. 

These features may vary from time to time so it is important to read carefully about benefits before getting any subscription plan.


To conclude, Tonfotos is a photo management application that organizes and manage digital photos. Not only that it can also provide editing tools with both basic and advanced tools. 

Moreover, it also allows you to share photos and videos with your friends and family its collaborative sharing feature allows users to share images and invite others to contribute. 

I encourage you to use Tonfotos so that you can organize, share as well as edit your pictures according to your choice. So, don’t wait, give Tonfotos a try and see how it can transform your photo editing experience.