6 Habits That Are Destroying the Longevity of Your PC

You may have heard the famous saying; Nothing lasts forever! Believe it or not, this aphorism holds true for your gadgets and PC that you spend so much on. Not everyone is heedful when it comes to taking care of computers. And while you may be protective of your system, there are some destructive habits that may contribute to harm it. You must need to avoid them at any cost if you want to ensure the longevity of your PC and gadgets. So, what are those habits? Let’s find out!

6 Habits That Are Destroying the Longevity of Your PC

1. Browsing the Internet Unprotected

I was using my Spectrum internet to browse the web without having any antivirus software installed on your PC. Big mistake! I don’t want you to go through that. Understand that your system can be affected by a virus or malware even if you are not browsing risky sites. Hence, it is essential to equip your PC with a malware protection tool that can keep your system protected. In recent times, Windows’ built-in Defender has gotten a lot better and can be used to detect and eliminate harmful trojans and viruses. Also, make sure that whichever antivirus program you use is updated so it can work effectively.

2. Not Handling Your Laptop with Care

While PCs can sit comfortably at your office desk, laptops, unfortunately, don’t have such luxury. This makes them prone to abuse. You would have noticed some people tossing them onto the couch, picking them up by its display, or opening the hinge from one side with a lot of force. Doing such things will only cause damages to the laptop. Even though these devices are durable and portable but it doesn’t mean that one can do whatever he/she pleases with it. In fact, a lot of care is required when it comes to handling your laptop.

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3. Avoid Cleaning Your PC

When you use your PC, it is naturally exposed to dirt and dust. If you want your system to keep operating for the long term, then it is advisable to clean them thoroughly. You should also consider covering your PC when it is not in use. This way, your system can be protected against dust particles which can be harmful if they enter the inner components. Remember that if way PC collects way too much dirt then it may cause the fans to clog which would lead to a meltdown. Also, never forget to use a screen cleaner to clean your system’s display. And avoid placing drinks near the PC as you might spill it on your system.

4. Causing Your System to Overheat

Not many people realize this but overheating your PC can lead to some serious problems. For instance, the processors will slow down, battery issues will arise, and the lifespan of your computer’s fans will reduce tremendously. If you make sure to give your PC adequate airflow while using then this can help you avoid the overheating problem. Moreover, it is always advisable to use your laptop on a flat and not on a plush surface as it can lead to overheating. In addition, you should refrain from leaving your system in direct sunlight as this may also damage your system.

5. Switching On/Off Your PC Continually

Unless you have a need of running your PC all the time, it is advised to switch it off when not in use. However, it does not mean to switch on/off your system many times a day. Why? Well, if you do this then it will stress the system’s components while its temperature will change continuously, causing the hardware to contract and expand. If you avoid doing this then there are chances that your PC will last longer.

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6. Inconsiderate About Electrical Safety

It’s not a surprise that power surges and fluctuations can cause damage to your PC. Also, power outages may also be responsible for harming your system. So, if you wish to protect your computer from such circumstances then consider investing in a surge protector. However, if you purchase it then make sure to replace it after every 3 or 5 years. This is because they will wear out with time. You can also get your hands on a UPS which will really help you in times of unexpected power outage.


Although owning a PC requires a significant investment but some people don’t pay heed to look after it. It is just like subscribing to Spectrum TV but not making the most out of the service. In both cases, the amount spent is wasted. Hence, one must make sure to secure his/her system in order to ensure its longevity. If you are among those people who have one of the above-mentioned bad habits then it is better to change them or your PC might get damaged.

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