Moving Soon? Top 5 Apps To Use For Your Next Relocation

Moving Soon? Top 5 Apps To Use For Your Next Relocation

The advent of several mobile devices has provided a huge transformation in the technology world. With more mobile phone users around the world, doing personal things has been much easier and faster with the help of many innovative apps across different business industries.

Typically, the moving industry is no exception. Given the challenge of moving to a new home, plenty of relocation apps are available to make your entire process more simplified and manageable for everyone involved.

So, if you’re moving anytime soon, below are the top 5 apps you can use for the transition:

  • MoveAdvisor 

If you want to stay organized throughout the relocation, using the MoveAdvisor app can be an excellent option. This software can help you stay on top of all your moving tasks by making use of its efficient features.

For example, if you want to keep track with your tasks and make sure they’ll get finished on time, then, MoveAdvisor’s moving timeline can be of great help in seeing your progress and remembering deadlines.

In addition to a detailed moving timeline, this app can also be used for locating moving companies that can assist you in this difficult undertaking. Generally, with the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in New York and other parts of the world, the need for relocation professionals is indeed very high. Thus, if you’re looking for the right company for your upcoming move, you can take advantage of this app to make your search much easier and quicker. 

  • OfferUp

Ideally, moving can be an excellent way to get rid of unnecessary items in your old home. By decluttering, you’re able to save some money on your moving costs while making the process less daunting. But, if you’re wondering what will happen to your unwanted stuff, then, the answer would be the use of the OfferUp app. This software comes with a great platform wherein you can sell goods locally.

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Whether you’re selling old kitchenware, electronic gadgets, and many more, this application can be a good solution. Just post a photo of an item, add a brief description, and wait until potential buyers will contact you. Instead of organizing a garage sale, you can use the app as a selling platform, thereby saving yourself a lot of time and energy for your relocation. 

  • Sortly

After getting rid of unwanted items, the next step is to pack all your belongings efficiently. This is where the use of the Sortly app becomes beneficial. When you download this application, you can keep your stuff organized by creating a visual inventory of all your belongings in your house during the packing process.

For instance, you can utilize the platform to add photos of all your possessions, product information, and even notes for each thing. Once you’re done, the app will create a home inventory that can help you keep track of all your items for easy search.

However, if you think you need professional help when packing up all your stuff, you can hire movers near Manhattan or wherever you may be, who know exactly how to pack everything in a safe and efficient manner. 

  • Zillow

If you’re looking for a new home before your move-in date, then, using the Zillow app can help you find the right one. This real-estate app lets you find homes to purchase or rent. Thus, if you have no enough time to roam around and look for the perfect home to move-in, you can use Zillow to streamline the search process.

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With this application, you can filter your options based on the listing date, home features, and the price range. The software can also help you connect with property managers and realtors in your area. Overall, using this application can make the home-finding process much easier and less stressful.

  • Magicplan

Another essential aspect of moving to a new house is the furniture arrangement and other home projects. That’s why if you’re having a difficulty designing your living room, Magicplan can be of great help.

This moving application makes the designing process less daunting since it allows users to draw or import 3D models and floor plans. All you need to do is access the app for scanning rooms to create realistic floor plans and putting virtual objects so you’ll have a clear picture of what your new home looks like. In other words, Magicplan can be one of the best moving applications when it comes to building a perfect home layout.


With the information mentioned above, it’s no doubt that many moving applications are available to make your relocation experience more seamless. Instead of dealing with the chaos of moving, all you have to do is download the software and take advantage of the convenience they bring to you and everyone involved.

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