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More People-Friendly Mobile Phone

As we all know, HONOR series product design has been leading the trend. The earlier gradient color matching for mobile phones was first introduced by HONOR. The exterior design of this HONOR 20 series is still amazing.

HONOR 20 Pro adopts a 6.26-inch pole full screen design with four rear cameras. The side fingerprint identification is adopted to combine beauty and convenience. Press the power key for a long time to arouse the voice assistant. In terms of color matching. HONOR 20 Pro has a number of color matching such as Emerald, Magic Night Milky Way and Icelandic White. And the Moschino joint edition, which is deeply loved by users.

The specific parameters of this mobile phone can be queried at HONOR official store. Its configuration is not low, and the price is the most competitive among the models of the same grade. Let’s look at what other black technologies it has.

honor mobile1

The ultra-wide angle lens carried by HONOR 20 Pro allows it to shoot more beautiful scenery. Moreover, the ultra-wide angle lens supports AIS handheld super night scene mode. This is friendly to the students who took photos and shook their hands. At the same time, HONOR 20 Pro supports 3x optical zoom. Up to 30 times digital zoom, the function of hand-held moon shooting is bright. Ahead is 32 million AI cameras, which can provide a good selfie experience. Of course, in addition to taking photos. The HONOR 20 series is outstanding in video recording capability. DxOMARK, a well-known camera evaluation organization, gave a high score of 111. This result ranks second in the world.

As a high-end model that has attracted much attention, HONOR 20 features with Kirin 980 flagship processor. Strong AI capability improves its performance. The overall operation is very efficient. With graphene cooling film technology, the fuselage temperature can be lower and the performance can be better. HONOR also had in-depth cooperation with the night of the online game fortress. Then launched its own game console. The HONOR 20 series supports 22.5 W super fast charging. The HONOR 20 battery is 3750mAh and the HONOR 20 Pro is 4000mAh. The new AI hearing compensation technology can bring better user experience.

HONOR 20 Pro abandoned the off-screen fingerprint unlocking and chose the side fingerprint unlocking. This function is designed to be humanized, on the right side of the mobile phone. The thumb can be easily unlocked. And the unlocking speed and success rate are faster than the fingerprint unlocking under the screen.

This mobile phone is also equipped with super Bluetooth function. We use Bluetooth a lot in our daily life, such as Bluetooth headsets, etc. Sometimes it is used to listen to music and make phone calls. President HONOR said that the stable connection distance of super Bluetooth technology under barrier-free conditions can reach up to 200 meters. Through the limit distance test, it can be found that the maximum range of playing music can reach 244.33 meters. Voice call distance can reach 265 meters.

For the HONOR 20 series, the powerful photographing, novel appearance and strong performance all make people shine at the moment. The starting price of HONOR 20 PRO shows enough sincerity. Consumers who need it can consider starting one.

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