Mobile Number Tracker with Current Location – [2018 Edition]

That call from a stranger is annoying you. Or that call from a friend via a new number is making you curious. But that oldie from school times makes you live that memory all over again when you see his/her name popping up in the search box. It might even be an International call really late at night which didn’t worry you or you choose to ignore. Now trace Mobile Number Tracker with Current Location online & trace mobile number current location through satellite.

What are issues with your existing usage?


The biggest question in all the above is ‘How did YOUR number reach that person?’ Did you accidentally drop it somewhere with your name written? Obviously, you didn’t. But think about it again? Did you ever not install one of those apps which claim to give you the details of the number for free? like the live mobile location tracker. If you have a smartphone, it is pretty certain you did. And there you go, you intentionally (not accidentally) dropped your mobile number here (not somewhere) with your name written.

This is what applications do to you; They claim to do your work for free with all the comfort in the hand and in return take away your privacy making your privacy and your friends’ privacy vulnerable to the online world which is never private. Once you install the apps which avow to provide you with the name, address, present location of any number you search, in simple words a software with mobile no tracker with exact location, before allowing access to your phonebook, once read the terms and conditions you are agreeing with because as soon as you give it the permissions, it all happens with your consent i.e. ‘You consent to the collection, use, sharing and processing of personal information’ both of yours and of your contacts. (Ref: PRIVACY POLICY)

Not only personal information, it also has in its terms of service that YOU are consenting to let them store in their database the details of any device you will be installing and using the applications on from as basic as screen resolution to as personal(and irrelevant to them) as your SIM card usage. Thus, all of your online information stored in a database which was hacked by in 2013 which in news read as S** hacked the ‘world’s largest telephone directory’. Guess who created this directory; you are to be blamed here.

Even if you thinking to uninstall this and such similar apps now, it might not solve the purpose because although they claim that there are ways you could delist your number, you cannot because this specific page of theirs is apparently not to be found.

This is not just one story when looked into the permissions required by another app which strikes you with attitude, they require following information:


  1. Find accounts on the device
  2. Read your contacts
  • Modify your contacts


  1. Read your text messages(SMS and MMS)


  1. Read the contents of your USB storage.
  2. Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage.

You have to give up on so many things when you just need an active internet connection to do the job for you.


An Internet connection and a reliable website to start with helping you find your stalker/friend/ classmate or by whatever noun you want to describe him/her with.

Here, you will be able to get mobile phone tracker with a feature to trace the current location, operator/ISP name, signal/network type of the number without compromising your privacy. Although, some apps might provide you with the estimated name of the owner as per their ‘science of deductions’ retrieved from their database, if it is really important for you to look into the authentic personal information of someone, go to your local authorities for help because making such information available to the public is an offence in some countries.

To start with:

  1. ‘Current location’ row will provide you with the name of the state or territory where the searched mobile number was registered. This could help you route your investigation further.
  2. Operator/ISP (Internet Service Provider) will furnish you with information of company whose services the owner of the mobile number is availing. Having such information in hand, you could even contact them for further information.
  • Signal/Network type

Whereas other websites claim to display name of the owner in addition to above, they don’t do so and mark it under *PRIVACY when searched upon.



  1. INITIAL GUARD: When getting a new mobile connection, just give your new mobile number a search and save yourself any further trouble. In case you find it already registered, this is a sign of caution that there might be something fishy and you need to ask your vendor for a new one.
  2. BE SOMEONE’S AIDE: When your phone is stolen, it is not just the hardware or SIM, it is all your personal information in collaboration with financial one which is risked at the hands of the robbers. And in case someone is keeping an eye on your phone, the results could be more disastrous. But being someone’s aide in these tough times and whenever you come across buying a used phone, put up your detective mode and try to search the whereabouts of the contacts saved on such phone. If major contacts are from a different location, then it is a sign of caution. Question the seller if you want to, else contact the relevant authorities if have to. This is based on the simple assumption that a mobile phone once stolen will only be sold at a different location.
  3. WHILE MEETING/WORKING WITH A STRANGER: There might be times when it is really important for you to work in collaboration with a complete stranger or have an important deal with a person over the phone. But beware, before moving any further in your business connections and building the requisite trust, search upon his/her mobile number in search box above and get at least a basic information about the person. We often tell ourselves that things as being cheated cannot happen to us by the virtue of us being too smart but the person duping us might be smarter.

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