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Key Success Factors Of 6 For ICO: What You Should Know Before Starting Your ICO

The token must have real full-scale potential.

Most cryptographic investors are looking for long-term investments, which can HODL. Choosing the correct currency or token is not easy because the cryptography market is crowded and many new ICOs are rising. In the cryptographic space, we see that many tokens try to solve very similar problems, such as ICO list, not to mention the tokens of various platforms. This market is very competitive, which investors know, so they are looking for tokens that are able to adapt and keep up with the competition.

Key Success Factors Of 6 For ICO

We see that Ethereum is currently facing a serious scaling problem, a challenge that other currencies and chips should also expect, as they scale successfully. The third generation tokens have to find a way to solve the problem of the scale. Essentially, when each transaction must update the chain of blocks distributed around the world simultaneously, performance is affected. This problem will be resolved over time.

We meet with some ICO executive directors who have a symbolic concept that suits their business, but that is not attractive as an ICO investment because the audience that their business faces or touches is too small to provide a sufficient scale to a true network effect. It is necessary in almost all cases that the token seems to expand rapidly in use and become a widely adopted solution.

It is key to create a token concept that complies with this, and that the potential can be easily seen in the technical document. With these “small universe” companies, we suggest that the CEO create ways to make his token concept have a very broad use and appeal case, or that it turns it into a real profit token instead of increasing the capital by using it. , or not to do an ICO.

Must attract real ICO investors

The majority of true cryptographic investors (approximately 90%) are young technologists who made a fortune with Bitcoin, and are looking for revolutionary blockchain opportunities, and are less concerned with pure financial returns or ownership of stocks / shares. These people understand the technologies behind the projects and only invest if they see the potential for scale and a significant positive change: the break of the old established players matters a lot to them.

Another important thing is that they are idealists, they truly believe in the concept of decentralization and they are very critical of the current banking and monetary system. As an example, for a long time the general opinion of Ripple (XRP) was very bad due to its centralized nature and its intention to cooperate with the old school banks. An innovative interruption that takes advantage of the block chain is a highly desirable feature.

To attract serious investors, the technical document must be genuine and well written. Investors know the different tokens and projects and can know if a technical document is real or superficial.

The token should attract a large audience to use it or make money with it.

Token enthusiasts have learned that they can earn a lot of money with ICOs when they identify a truly solid blockchain model. And they are open to new concepts for extra income. Tokens that provide passive income are becoming more common, although after the Bitconnect scam, people are more careful and think twice before locking their money.

Be in a field that is interesting and solve real problems that take advantage of the blockchain

Cryptographic investors are selective. Since there are many lightweight ICOs that do not really require a blockchain solution to deliver their functionality, they have learned how to choose rough diamonds. If a token gives a solution to a real problem, investors are more likely to support it, because there are many people looking for great opportunities to interrupt the status quo using blockchain technology.

The team must be excellent

The equipment is obviously one of the most important factors in cryptography because an investor analyzes two main things before investing; The white paper and the team behind the project. Since most ICOs do not have much more than one concept, investors look for a credible team. If an ICO company can hire people who are well known and respected in the field of the block chain or in the business area of ​​the ICO company, this will help build credibility. A good example is Cardano (ADA), which has maintained its place in the best cryptography 10 for a long time, without a product that works. It is only possible because your team is so good that everyone believes in them in the long term. Make sure the equipment is easily explored to show evidence that they are real and realized.

Demonstrate commitment

Have the founders and key executives give you symbolic ownership for three or four years. This ensures that they are likely to remain engaged when necessary to fulfill the promise.

Provide voting authorization to chip owners to give them an opinion on how the company is managed and managed. Just do not take this too far!

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