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Is It Safe to Disclose Anonymously?

A lot of people share their personal opinion on the internet. However, not everyone is tolerant enough to give space to freedom of speech. This is the reason why many writers choose to hide their identity, especially when they have something controversial to share.

But the question is, does online anonymity even exist?

It’s true that almost everything is tracked online. Hackers, giant corporates, and our own and foreign governments are all believed to be tracking us online. If so many people are monitoring every single one of our moves, how can we discourse anonymously?

While there is no denying the fact that we are being tracked online, there are ways to keep your identity safe.

You need to first install a trusted virtual private network. It should not be very famous and not free if you want real protection.

Second, you need a fake or temporary email address to communicate with publishers. You should keep your real identity hidden even from the publishers for extra security.

Third, you need to find trustworthy platforms like John Doe to publish your article and keep your identity secret. His platform doesn’t publish fake or made-up news. They first check the authenticity of the story before they publish it. Furthermore, they are known for keeping the identity of their contributors a secret.

If you follow these practices and be very careful with your acts online, you can keep your anonymity. Always use a reliable VPN, communicate through a temporary email address, and don’t share your information with the publisher.

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