How To Play High Quality Nintendo Games through Drastic app

These days the gaming have been improved a lot on PC’s and especially on the smartphones due to the increase in the technology. Many people like to play the games which are new and some rely on the old games of Nintendo like Super Mario, Duck Hunt etc and these games are our favourite too, So to support all those games on the Android Smartphone an Emulator is required and in my case the drastic ds emulator apk is best emulator which is especially designed for Android. The drastic ds emulator has loaded with lots of amazing features but before getting to know the features and what actually drastic ds emulator is let me tell you drastic is available on the google play store but it is charged for 6$ but here we will provide you the link to download this apk for free, all you need to do is just follow the link below

Download drastic ds emulator apk

This apk is undoubtedly the best as it is the powerful Nintendo emulator among the other emulators, It(drastic apk) provides you an amazing gaming experience on your smartphone with those awesome features moreover this apk doesn’t require any kind of rooting or root access, just simply download the apk and start using it. One important thing is this apk is also available for PC’s too. There is also another emulator similar to this emulator called 3ds emulator and it is also a free emulator for all the Android smartphones and this also enables you to play games like super mario etc, This apk arrived last November and became much popular similar to this apk

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Drastic ds emulator apk gives you the high quality Nintendo gaming experience so that you can improve your quality of the game.While coming to the features, i have listed the features given below

Features of Drastic Ds Emulator Apk

  • The very first feature is you can customize your own screen resolution according to your convenience which include Placing, size etc and the customization doesn’t take much time, so can customize in very less time.
  • The next feature is you have an option to save you the game status which is nothing but you can save you game level either directly SD card or you can Save online on google play store so that you can pause or resume your game anytime and anywhere.
  • The next thing is this apk supports many controllers like NVidia, Xperia etc and other physical controllers too
  • There are many cheats available so that you can tweak your game or play like a pro which also adds more fun and you can fast forward the animation double the time.
  • By using this drastic ds emulator you can also increase the emulation of the app
  • The user interface is very simple, easy to understand and supports almost all the Android versions starting from Gingerbread(2.3 version).
  • The drastic ds emulator is very fast compared to other emulators but i could say again it depends on the phone configuration like if your smartphone have high GPU or high RAM then it will be much fast compared to that of Low RAM but on an average i could say this will be faster.
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Is It Available For IOS

Many people have doubts whether this drastic apk is available on the iPhone devices or not, let me tell you the drastic emulator is not available for ios at this moment neither the developer has given any confirmation, So ios users must have to wait for the confirmation or else they can look for the alternative.

Alright these were the feature and about the drastic emulator, now lets know the steps or how to download the apk.


Minimum requirements for drastic ds emulator are mentioned below

RAM: 500MB or more

Android Version: Any way these days we get smartphones with latest Android version but just for your clarification minimum must be Gingerbread( Version 2.3)

CPU: Cortex-A7, Cortex-A8, A9, A15, scorpion krait processors.

Display: 320×480 recommended


How To Download Drastic Ds Emulator apk

  • Initially download and Install DraStic DS Emulator apk on your device from the above given link.
  • Then Download Lucky Patcher on your android phone’s SD card. One Important thing is to download it particularly on SD card.
  • First, open the Lucky patcher apk and search for Drastic in the lucky patcher.
  • click on the Open Menu for Patches > Remove License Verification > AutoModes >
  • After this check on Auto Mode(Inversed), Other patches, remove dependencies, Apply Patch to Dalvik-cache
  • Lastly, click on APPLY
  • That’s it now you can enjoy all the Nintendo DS Games through this apk


Lastly I could say that the drastic ds emulator apk is for sure the best and it is suitable, useful, helpful to all the Nintendo game lovers out there, This is the most popular emulator among all the other emulators because of those very interesting features and especially it doesn’t require root access.If this article was helpful do share with your friends.

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