How to make sturdy and durable e-cigarette boxes?

The e-cigarette boxes are becoming the norm in our society. They come in various packaging and designs. Holding the e-cig boxes in hand has become the status symbol. The user thinks it is the nicotine that can affect the body badly. Besides, nicotine e-cig can consist of potentially harmful components such as ultrafine particles that you can inhale into your lungs. Flavorings like dactyl, it is a chemical link directly to lungs issues.

Is E-cig are Harmful?

Electronic cigarettes are the tools that heat the liquids into spray or aerosol that you inhale. The fluid consists typically of flavor and nicotine, and other components. Remember, the nicotine derivate in conventional cig or e-cig is addictive. So e-cigs is one of the tobacco items because it consists of nicotine. Here are the other harmful ingredients.

  • Ultrafine particles
  • Flavors like diacetyl
  • imponderable organic components
  • heavy metals like lead, tin, nickel, and more

Youth and E-cigs

The teenager is that part of their life where brain developments take place. So the exposure to tobacco products can hurt brain development. So keeping these concerns in mind, the government has taken some action against it.

 Cardboard Cigarette Boxes Wholesale and Designers

In the United States of America, states always try to stop individuals from a cigarette, but the trend is growing. The invention of electronic smoking devices makes youngsters adopt these habits. Each passing year the demands for electronic cigarettes are tremendously increasing. The manufacturers are working on their packaging to offer the user attractive and engaging packages. Now the competition is rising, and companies are struggling to target the maximum number of users. Remember, the packing of the product plays an essential part in making the brand successful. Clients are always fascinated by attractive patterns and the innovative appearance of the packaging. The tobacco packages which are different and unique from rivals always make their way to consumers.

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For the purposes mentioned above, manufacturers using sturdy and recyclable packages for tobacco products. Top-notch printing technologies are used to grab user attention and make it more appealing. Remember, the color scheme of paper cigarette boxes has an integral part in determining user buy decisions. Remove the professionally designed boxes not only secure the cigarettes, but it also helps in brand reorganization.

Make Sturdy and Durable Empty Cigarette Boxes for Sale

Several manufacturers are in the industry, offering you the perfect e-cigarette cases for the articles at pocket-friendly rates. But which case is best in terms of durability and strength is essential. Anyone can make the paper cigarette boxes attractive and engaging with current technology, but not all of them offer reliable packaging. The package must protect the cartridge and the tank from external factors. In the market, you have seen the many e-cig packed beautiful in the cases. The questions here are, are they reliable and withstand the pressure?

Material for Perfect E-cigarette Boxes

The stuff used for making e-cigs cases is usually wooden, which increases its capacity to be shaped in any style and size. There are many material variations per the type of issues to like each material that offers durability and strength.

  • Kraft paper boxes for E-cigarettes: this material is reliable, durable, and possesses considerable tensile strength without leaving a destructive impact on the eco-system. These cases are best for packages all delicate and fragile vaping devices and packaging material to guarantee the box is secured.
  • E-flute Corrugated: it offers the best protection because of 3 layers of cardboard. These boxes secure the e-cigarette during shipping.
  • Cardboard:  You carry the electronic cig device with you everywhere. Most of you have it in your pocket or purse. It shoes the packages must be tear-resistant, does not break and scratch h easy, and keep the tools safe. The cardboard material cases are best because they not only provide protection but also offer high-quality printing solutions.
  • Rigid Material: Thus, the type of stuff is used over others because of its rigidity and versatility. It can be personalized as per the requirements of the articles. These are pocket- friendly and used to offer an entire kit of e-cigs to the clients.
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So, the material plays a critical role when it comes to durable and robust packaging. These types of stuff are not only bets for e-cig but also traditional cigarettes.

Government Law and E-Cigs Cases

You can order the empty paper flip-top cigarette boxes from wholesale companies, but now the government sets some laws for its packaging. There was a time the cases are all about presentation, but now it is to bring awareness among the users. Now many states in America have banned the selling of plain boxes of tobacco products. Whether it’s e-cigs or traditional cigarettes, it is a must to follow some laws.

FDA now has prospects health warnings for tobacco packaging and branding that would add text statements, followed by photo-realistic pictures (colored). It is to promote user knowledge of negative smoking consequences on health.

TCA or Tobacco Control ACT, passed in 2009, directed the Food and Drug Association to issues laws regarding the cases of cigs and branding, including new warning images and text. The TCA defines nine statements. It also gives FDA authority to modify it to promote awards program.

FDA undertook the detailed process of legal, regulatory, and scientific analysis beginning in 2013 in aid of given warning, like TCA text adjustment.


Indeed tobacco is injurious to health, but still, people are using it. Now it is affecting the young blood so badly. It has become more of a trend than need. So manufacturers need to focus on two things

  1. Durability and strength of the boxes
  2. Warning text and images
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In this article, you have understood how you can make the E-cigarette boxes reliable and durable. What are the laws that you need to follow while printing these plain boxes?

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