How to lower my internet or cable bill?

How to lower my internet or cable bill?

If you live in the US, you are already familiar with the constantly rising prices in cable TV and internet bills. While cable TV has now various economical alternatives in the market including OTT or streaming services and platforms like YouTube. Internet services are still largely dependent on the same ISPs that charge a pricey monthly fee. We cannot disregard the fact that several credible ISPs provide commendable services at affordable prices such as CenturyLink, Mediacom, etc. If you are looking for no-contract options you should also check Spectrum and Xfinity.

In this article, we are going to discuss some ideas and smart ways on how to lower your internet and cable bill. Since cable TV and internet services are one of the essential entertainment needs of any household, there are some thrifty methods to reduce the price on your monthly bill. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

  • Bundle Cable and Internet

Bundling your cable or internet services is the best way to lower your bill. According to an estimate, you can save over 30% per annum through bundling your internet only. Nonetheless, bundling doesn’t mean you merge with services you don’t want to use. These include bundling with the premium packages when knowing that you want to use them regularly. Bundling largely depends on every user’s need. Thus, you got to make sure that you understand your needs before bundling the cable or internet.

  • Not Watching Premium Channels

You might not like this method but it is helpful when you are considering lowering your cable TV bill. Let’s take the example of HBO. Everyone loves watching it but if you don’t want to you can save about $20 per month. So, think wisely and spend some time while subscribing to anything you don’t even need!

  • Consider the Fee
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Internet Service Providers tend to charge for several additional services including, router, modem, HD channel, DVR, and sever other premium features or rent. These charges are added on top of your actual bill. You can ask your ISP’s customer services to cancel such services. It will drastically lower your monthly internet and cable TV services bill.

  • Downsize your plan

Internet Service Providers always offer their customers some tempting additional features. You must downsize your plan to lower your internet and cable monthly bill. Look for features that you really need in your monthly plan based on their consumption. This brainstorming will let you save over $40 per month. According to research, American adults watch only 20 channels but the cable company charges you for all 100-200 channels. Thus, canceling the subscription for other channels to lower your expenses would be a smart idea.

  • Negotiation

Negotiating with your ISP is the best way to lower your monthly entertainment bill. You can always ask them to lower the bill. It is not a hard thing to do. We have discussed premium channels already but you can always save more by trimming additional boxes on your monthly bill. This will make you save over $10 per month.

  • Look for cheaper cable and internet provider

If you don’t want to switch to a digital antenna, satellite, or OTT services, you should look for cheaper cable and internet services. Yes, it is the last solution to help you lower your monthly bill – if it is out of your budget. However, it is only possible if you haven’t signed a long-term agreement with your Internet Service Provider. Otherwise, you will have to pay a termination fee instead.

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Final Thoughts

After following the above-mentioned steps, you can save several dollars monthly. But it looks like you want to save more. So, let’s explore! If you want to save more money, disconnect the internet. Yes, I’m not kidding. It is because you can watch TV through a digital antenna. Netflix digital antenna services cost around $8.99 monthly. Moreover, Hulu will charge you about $5.99 for its monthly subscription. Not just that, you have other options like Sling TV. You can avail of their services at $25 for 30 days. You can watch TV without using a cable. Consequently, it eliminates the cost of cable from the core.

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