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How to improve efficiency of your field service business

by Ganesh Kolekar
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Every business benefits from working more efficiently, and utilising cutting-edge technology can go a long way to transforming the way your business works for the better. 

Here’s how simply taking advantage of the latest field service software can instantly improve the efficiency of your field service business, create the best working environment for your agents and offer an optimal customer experience.

Automate processes

If your business is still manually logging jobs and tracking workflow on paper, this will be creating excessive admin that’s impacting the efficiency of your workforce. It’s also subjecting your business to a number of risks, including loss of customer data, transcription errors and duplication of data, as field agents need to manually note down customer addresses before entering them into your computer system. Implementing field service management software automates these processes to save time and offer greater accuracy and agility when handling and processing information.

Intelligent assignments

Field service software streamlines the planning and allocation of tasks to help save your business time and deliver the best service to your customers. Having customer data at your fingertips, including service level agreements, preferred service hours, and contact details, means you can use this information to better plan the activity and automatically allocate the very best technicians based on experience, knowledge, estimated location and availability of the technician. This automation also means you can instantly make proactive and reactive changes where necessary, to manage expectations and stick to agreed SLAs.

Customer self-service

Using field service software means you can also lessen the burden on your field agents. In order to streamline this part of the service, you can set up customer portals, which gives them the ability to log on to part of the system and get instant updates on their particular project. This means your field agents can get on with the task in hand without having to field calls from customers seeking updates and ETAs.

Reduced admin

Excessive admin can place a huge burden on field agents, as every last detail needs to be tracked and logged, from journey times and dates to time on site and tasks completed. Field engineer software automates a wide range of tasks, from invoicing to issuing work orders and setting reminders, all of which helps to increase efficiency by cutting the time and stress created by endless paper trails. This automation helps to both reduce the risk of errors and free up time and resources that can be better spent on other areas of the business.

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