How to Hire Top React Native Developers?


“It’s expensive to hire the wrong people. If they leave, it’s expensive. If they stay, it’s expensive.”

― Nathan Mellor, Sleeping Giants: Authentic Stories and Insights for Building a Life That Matters

The right people are the ones who are the best fit for a particular role, in a given situation, in a specific organisation, and in a particular industry. There may be outstanding developers with many years of experience who can write code quickly and error-free. Even then, they may not be the right people to hire because they have different aspirations that do not match what you are looking for in a developer. To make the right hiring decisions while hiring a Reach Native developer, you must evaluate your requirement on the following parameters:

Project Duration

The duration of the project or the work for which you will hire React JS developers should be a big consideration for making the hiring decision.

If you decide in a hurry, you may end up with a person who will probably finish the work today but may not be able to grow with the team, and once again, you may find a gap in the required skills. However, if you set up a bar so high that you cannot find the perfect candidate today, you run the risk of staying short-staffed for a long time.

If you are hiring for a short-term project that you do not think will prolong or create further requirements or work, you may want to consider working with freelance ReactJS developers. They charge based on a project, and in the long term, you do not have to incur the cost of full-time employees, especially if you are expecting bouts of the lean period between your projects.

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However, you are probably building your business such that you do not want to get into the core area of development work. That is perhaps not your skill, and you would rather focus on your business’s workflows and processes and leave the experts to handle your business’s technical aspects. You may want to consider working with a React Native app development company in that case.

Project Size

Your hiring decision and judgment should also take into consideration the size of the project or the piece of work you have the requirement for. For example, if you have a small requirement, and you already have an army of full-stack developers in your team, it may be possible to schedule the work in their project plan. However, if it is a larger project, you may want to have a dedicated team of React JS developers and not expect full stack developers to pull the project’s weight.

Requirement Complexity

You may have a simple web application today, and you may want someone who can put together the nuts and bolts quickly in the short term. If this is the case, you may consider someone who is relatively new in the field and brings a lot of enthusiasm and energy at work. Maybe you think your application is going to scale in the future. It is possible that you would want to plan for integrations with various other systems and applications in the long run. If that is the case, you may want to look for someone who brings maturity in thought and experience in designing scalable applications.

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Other Skills to Look for in React Developers

React JS developers are in high demand today. It may not be possible for you to find the perfect candidate with the right skills to fit your budget immediately. What you should look for is the right attitude and the willingness to learn. There is a lot of online support and large communities for help. The appropriate mindset, coupled with widely available support, can help a developer come up to speed fast. Other than that, it is worthwhile to hire a developer who values communication skills and is a team player, especially when several stakeholders are involved.

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