How to Get an Airtel Postpaid Tourist SIM Card

In our increasingly globalised world, the ability to remain connected while travelling internationally is invaluable. One of the many challenges faced by globe-trotters is ensuring seamless communication across borders. With the advent of international roaming services, this concern has been largely addressed. For those planning to embark on an overseas journey and are seeking a reliable international roaming option, Airtel’s international roaming SIM card comes highly recommended. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of how to get this facility on your Airtel postpaid SIM.

Airtel Postpaid Tourist SIM Card

1. Why Opt for Airtel’s International Roaming?

Airtel, being one of India’s most prominent telecom giants, boasts impressive international coverage. Their international roaming services are designed to offer hassle-free connectivity in multiple countries. With the Airtel postpaid SIM, you can effortlessly make calls, send texts, and use the internet without having to get a tourist SIM card in every country you visit.

2. Steps to Activate International Roaming on Airtel Postpaid SIM:

– Through the Airtel Thanks App: One of the most convenient methods is using the Airtel Thanks App. After logging in, navigate to the ‘Manage Services’ section, and from there, you can easily activate the international roaming service.

– Visit Airtel’s Website: You can also head to Airtel’s official website. After logging into your account, go to the services section and select international roaming.

– Customer Service: Alternatively, dial 121 from your Airtel number and speak to the customer service representatives. They can guide you through the activation process.

– Visit an Airtel Store: If you prefer face-to-face interactions, visiting the nearest local Airtel store or kiosk is another option. The store representatives can help you activate international roaming on your postpaid connection.

3. Selecting the Right Roaming Package:

Airtel offers a variety of international roaming packs based on the destination country and duration of stay. Some packs offer unlimited incoming calls, free texts, and a stipulated amount of data. It’s crucial to review the packages carefully and select one that aligns with your travel plans and communication needs.

4. Points to Remember:

– Data Settings: On reaching your destination, if you’re unable to access data, ensure that data roaming is enabled in your phone’s settings.

– Stay Updated: Keep an eye on your usage to avoid any unexpected charges. The Airtel Thanks App can help you monitor your consumption in real time.

5. Transitioning Back to Domestic Services:

Once you’re back in India, your international roaming package will get deactivated automatically after its validity expires. However, your regular domestic services on your Airtel postpaid SIM will continue to function as usual.


Travelling internationally doesn’t mean you need to get a tourist SIM card every time you land in a new country. With Airtel’s international roaming service on your postpaid SIM, you can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity across the globe. The comprehensive range of packages ensures you find a plan that’s just right for your needs. So, on your next overseas adventure, let Airtel be your trusted communication companion. Safe travels!

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