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How to check Aadhar card status

by Ganesh Kolekar

Aadhar Card is the easiest identity card which is issued by the government of India right now. The process issue and application is very much transparent, and everything can be done online. The aadhar card service is error-free because of its minimalistic nature. Aadhar card is a very important identity card when it comes to bank transaction, and it is used while using all the basic amenities which are offered by the government of India.

When a person applies for their aadhar card they are given a 14-digit enrolment number and along with that a 14-digit date and time number. These 28 digits’ number is the temporary enrolment number, and it helps the applicant to track their Aadhar Card Status.

How to know Aadhar card status with the help of a mobile phone?

Use the registered mobile number does the following steps

  •       Create a new SMS and type in UID 12345678234567 (this number is the 14-digit temporary enrolment number which was given during application)
  •       Sent the SMS to the number 51969

How to change your registered Aadhar card number?

  •       You need to visit the nearest Aadhar Kendra where you will be able to update your mobile number or register a new mobile number.
  •       Aadhar card applicants can also check the status of their aadhar card by SMS typing UID (14-digit enrolment number) and send it to 51969. Aadhar card will not communicate if it is sent from an unregistered mobile number.

Checking your status of Aadhar linking with the bank

  •       This will help to check if the aadhar card is linked to the bank
  •       This will also help to check if the aadhar card is linked to which bank account
  •       This will also help to check the name of the bank it is linked to

Updating the Aadhar card

These are the simple ways of updating the aadhar card

  •       Applicants can go to the official website of UIDAI, and from there all the necessary changes can be made very easily
  •       The website will ask the applicant for their aadhar number, and they need to enter it
  •       Once the aadhar number is entered a one-time password or OTP option will appear. Applicants need to click on the button to send the OTP.
  •       The one-time password will be received on the registered mobile number, and applicants need to enter the one-time password on the website.
  •       This page will also have a Captcha that needs to be filled by the applicant, and then they can proceed to the next page
  •       There will a popup which will ask the applicant to date update, and it needs to be completed
  •       Once the date update request tab is filled applicants can make their desired changes on the form.
  •       Applicants now need to update and browse the soft copy or the digital copy of the documents that are needed to make the desired changes in the aadhar card application form. All changes, updates, and corrections need supporting documents along with it.
  •       Once everything is done correctly, applicants will be given a unique URN number. This URN number will help to check and update the status later. Keep the URN number carefully because It will be needed for further changes

Right now aadhar card is a very important identity card for India. Aadhar card is right now used for all to know your customer or KYC purposes in banks all over India. You can also check aadhar card download by name and date of birth through this platform. Right now it is technically impossible to open a bank account or do cash transactions if there is no valid aadhar card. Aadhar card is one of the most easily found identity cards in India.

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