How do you fix Minecraft aka. ms/accountsettings?

Facing a Minecraft privacy settings issue is usual, and many users encounter it in their daily Minecraft usage. The major problem is that Microsoft does not allow any user to play Minecraft unless it agrees with the privacy policy. It is probably the main issue that doesn’t allow any user to add more friends because their Microsoft account is not correctly set up.

However, there is nothing to be anxious about when facing this issue, as there is a straightforward solution. You have to alter the online and privacy safety settings on aka. ms/accountsettings. Before we ever go ahead to fix the Minecraft, aka. ms/accountsettings issue, let us first understand what this problem is and what makes it jump in to spoil the enjoyment.

What is Minecraft aka. ms/accountsettings?

It is a fantastic game that kids can play in their free time. These nonviolent and educational games intelligently teach the kids how to get better at programming skills, project management, problem-solving, and teamwork. It also gives them a productive environment to get better at their creativity and “out of the box” thinking.

How do you fix Minecraft aka. ms/accountsettings?

It is regarded as the most well-known, top-rated, and only preferred game for children. It has maintained its standard majorly through its specifications, aspects, and privacy policies. It keeps the kids away from any content that might be detrimental to their mental abilities and thinking. This aim has introduced its terms in the privacy policy documentation that is often taken as a Minecraft server issue.

This documentation ensures that kids are unable to reach out to any violent or inappropriate content. It is done by introducing Minecraft, aka. ms/accountsettings usually pop up on kids` accounts when their parents restrict their account and maintain privacy. So, it is a privacy notification that customers mostly get from the Minecraft game.

 Is the aka. ms/accountsettings of any help?

Kids are sensitive to almost any kind of material that they watch. Whether it is wrong or sound, it has a noticeable effect on their minds. So, when parents are very much concerned about their children’s mental safety, they sometimes are required to ensure that their kids do not reach out to any harmful, damaging, or violent content.

However, children might not like this thing as it prevents them from adding more friends to the game and have more fun. It is for this use, this aka. ms/accountsettings is of great help as it lets the consumers make up the changes in the Microsoft Account Settings. These specific changes help the children to block the restrictions for their multiplayer support while playing the game. It would assist if you kept this in mind, this aka. ms/accountsettings is extremely helpful.

A consumer on Microsoft forums asked about changing Minecraft privacy settings at settings. We thought to respond to it here for ease of most Minecraft players facing this problem.

User with handle SirScuzzyLogik on the forum sent the following query:

No matter what I do, this issue hasn’t gone away; I’ve tried doing it all that is shown on every YouTube video. Yet, I can’t join my friend’s bedrock realm on Minecraft; I have a computer with the Windows 10 Edition, and he’s on playing from an Xbox. Each time I try to join, it just says, “review and alters your privacy settings at settings” I have no understanding of what to do, and I’ve been trying for 2 hours.

Minecraft has told in their documentation, “There are several things we need you to do before we can give children online and multiplayer access.” They’ve written further, “The account will require to have multiplayer, Xbox Clubs, Xbox Live Gold, online communication turned on to play. You should also possibly make sure your account payment method has been updated.”

The notification normally popup on child accounts with parent accounts restricting their availability. It is a privacy notification consumers get from Minecraft.

 The answer of Problem

  • First, you need to log in to with the parent Microsoft account.
  • Select the child account’s profile.
  • Choose on the “Xbox One/Windows 10 Online” tab, then select “allow” for “Join multiplayer games”.
  • Only then “You can form and join clubs”.
  • To chat for individuals not on the person’s friends list, they will need to click on privacy and help “others can communicate….”

That’s just it, and we hope that the error you’re facing Minecraft, will resolve.