How can students be successful in college and happy?

How can students be successful in college and happy?

Have you noticed that for some classmates it is easier to study than for others, for no apparent reason? They spend less time doing their home assignment, get good grades, and their answers in seminars are always praised by teachers.

Most often this is not due to natural talent, they just work on themselves and use the rules of a successful student. There is no secret about these skills.

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A good rest

One of the important rules on how to become a successful student is to remember about the rest. Contrary to popular belief that leading students work a lot and take little rest, this is not the case. To be productive during the day, you need to get enough sleep and rest.

Therefore, you should not do your homework all night, and in the morning, and go to classes after having an energy drink. During the day you are unlikely to do something useful due to fatigue. Better to cut back on your home assignment, but take some rest.

Give priorities

 Not all of the subjects in education plans are equally important. It is unrealistic to complete all tasks in all disciplines. Therefore, it is important to clearly understand which subjects are the most “useful” and deal with them first of all.

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Finding more information

It is impossible to be a successful student without the quality of curiosity. The student leader is not limited to what is written in the synopsis or text book. To better understand the topic, he uses additional sources.

This allows not only to expand knowledge, but also to make a good impression on the teacher, surprising him with knowledge of an unusual fact on the subject.

Task sharing

 One of the main skills of a successful person is to learn how to correctly share the tasks. It can be very difficult to do everything yourself, so it is worth sharing tasks between team members, in this case – active students of the group whom you can rely on. For example, if you share your seminar questions in advance, everyone will be able to prepare and learn one of them, not all ten.

Tip: When using this principle, rely only on conscientious and responsible students. If there is a chance that a person will let you down and will not complete his part of work, it is better not to trust him with the common cause.

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One of the factors that very much annoys teachers and university administration is the habit of being late. The teacher has to be distracted, he gets lost in thought and blames the latecomer for this, who loudly makes his way through the audience.

As a result, the late student is unhappy, and the impression of him is thoroughly spoiled. This can hinder further cooperation. Therefore, learn to calculate the time correctly, to foresee traffic jams and other troubles that lie in wait on the way.

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Time management

It is best to master the art of time management as early as possible. This will help “increase” the day and squeeze as much benefit as possible from the standard 24 hours.

Time killers are social networks and instant messengers, computer and mobile games, TV shows, conversations “about nothing”, etc.

Tracking the feed on social networks, going through a difficult level in the game or watching the next series of reality shows, you can quietly “kill” several precious hours a day.

Make it a rule, attending classes, – work! If at this time you sit on the phone or chat with friends, it will turn out that you have wasted the time getting to the university and back, the time of the lecture itself, as well as the time it takes to master the stuff on your own.

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Active leisure time

Free time can be spent not only sitting by a computer or TV, but also revealing your talents.

There are organizations such as sport sections and hobby clubs, which are happy to welcome new members. Spending your leisure time this way, you can not only expand your circle of acquaintances, visit interesting places (outdoor performances, tournaments, conferences), but also impress the teachers, most of whom value socially active students.


You can only achieve success if you have motivation, if you are genuinely interested in your future specialty and you understand that studying at a university is the first step up the career ladder.

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