How Artificial Intelligence is affecting our Daily Life – Useful insights by Hani Zeini

How Artificial Intelligence is affecting our Daily Life – Useful insights by Hani Zeini

Today, experts use several machine learning methods, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) is used behind the scenes, affecting our daily lives. AI impacts every aspect of our lives, from reading emails, getting directions, and checking out movie and musicrecommendations. Hani Zeini points out how AI has implications in several ways in our daily lives.

Hani Zeini mentions how AI enhances social media.

Today, AI has made it simpler for people to locate and interact with business associates and friends.

  • Twitter

From the tweet suggestions, fighting racist and inappropriate content, and improving the user experience, Twitter has started to use AI behind the scenes. The objective is to improve the product and user experience. They process massive data via the deep neural networks to learn more about user preferences.

  • Facebook

Facebook uses deep learning to draw value from a vast section of unstructured datasets generated by approximately 2 billion people, who update their status close to 293,000 times every minute. The majority of the deep learning technology gets developed on a Torch framework, which concentrates on deep neural networks and deep learning technologies.

  • Instagram

Instagram makes use of AI and big data to target advertising, combat cyberbullying and delete any offensive comments. With more content in this platform, AI is essential to show the users the content they might like and improve the user experience. They also use AI to combat spam.


The chatbots identify phrases and words to provide useful content to consumers having common queries. At times, the chatbots are highly accurate, making people feel that they are talking to humans. Besides social media, Hani Zeini also talks about AI and other developments that impact our life.

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They are:

  1. Online assistants

Google Now, Siri, and Alexa are the online assistants who help them perform multiple tasks. It allows people to check their schedules and search for anything on the web. People can also use it to send commands to other apps. AI is an essential part of these apps as it learns from each user interaction.

  1. Self-driving and parking vehicles

Self-driving cars use deep learning, for identifying the space in and around a vehicle. There are multiple technology organizations that uses AI to enable the cars to think, see, and learn so that it’s possible to navigate an infinite range of driving scenarios. This technology gets used in popular car models like Tesla, Volvo, and Audi.

  1. Smart Gmail replies

The smart replies provide a way to respond to emails using easy phrases, such as “No, I have not” or “Yes, I’m working on it.” You can use it with just a click of the button, and smart replies get tailored according to every email’s content. You can reply through a manual response or choose the one-click smart answer. For instance, if you want to send an email to a person about any upcoming game, and the person replies to inform you they are interested, Gmail provides “smart reply” options.

These are some of how AI has been impacting our lives regularly.

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