Get Visual with Instagram Marketing

Instagram has grown to become a major success story in social media, and any brand that is creative and forward-thinking in its advertising should be making full use of Instagram marketing. With more than a billion active users every month, it’s eclipsed every other social media site in the world, except for its parent company, Facebook. Thailand is a significant market for Instagram, with the country accounting for 14 million of those monthly users.

But to get the most out of what Instagram offers as a marketing platform, you need the talents of graphic designers as well as experienced digital marketers that can harness the visual appeal of the platform and capitalise on the different types of viewing experiences offered by the platform.

Blend of the Best Elements for Your Brand

There are six formats used by the Instagram marketing platform to display all the ads run on the platform. Four of these are called Instagram Feed Ads, and within the Feed Ads, you have a choice of Photo and Video Ads, or Slideshow and Carousel Ads.

The other two formats are called Story Ads. These have proven to be popular with brands that feel their products and services deserve more of a lengthy and immersive experience. Story Ads can last up to 120 seconds. This provides you with the length you need to present abstract services best supported with colourful visuals. They can also function as demonstration videos or walk-throughs for property companies or hotels.

Competing on a Visual Platform

Instagram marketing presents an entire world of opportunity with the number of users it has in Thailand alone. But you have to keep in mind that your competitors will also be using the visual nature of the ad platform to its fullest.

This is why your best bet is to partner with an experienced Instagram marketing agency in Bangkok. They will have experienced creative designers as well as the experts who know how to choose the formats to show your products and services in their best light. They have the experience to design specific ads that help your brand rise above the competition and increase your market share as well as your conversion rate.

Benefits of Local Experience

The fact that Instagram has such a large following in Thailand also means that your brand will benefit from the experience that a Bangkok Instagram marketing agency in Thailand offers. They can design ads that reach far more of a wide-spread audience than in neighbouring countries, meaning your marketing budget will go further in Thailand.

Your brand has an extra incentive to launch a campaign that relies on Instagram in Thailand to easily reach the same amount of people at much less than you would spend for comparable ads on other platforms like Google Ads.

The vast success of Instagram in Thailand means that your brand should be marketing on Instagram in partnership with a talented agency in Bangkok that knows how to design ads for the Thai market.