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From Pinball Machines to Video Slots — How New Tech Is Changing the Way we play

During the 1970s and 80s, games were primarily played in arcades. However, the mid-1980s saw the appearance of game consoles and brought video gaming to people’s homes. Computers followed a decade later and are today complemented by smartphones and tablets.

The same trend happened in the casino industry worldwide. The invention of online casinos allowed everybody to gamble from the comfort of their own home. Instead of pulling a lever of a slot machine, the reels of a video slot are now activated by simply clicking or tapping the spin button. If you have $1 to spare and would like to try your luck at a $1 deposit casino nz.

While playing games in such a virtualized environment is rather convenient and cost-efficient for all parties involved, some players still yearn for that physical interaction between a player and a game in which they can touch and feel the hardware instead of just tapping buttons on the screen.

However, not all hope is lost for those who prefer hardware over software. Several new inventions have appeared on the gaming market in the past several years, with the goal of reviving what was once a “physical” form of entertainment.


Scorbit and the Pinball Machine Renaissance

Believe it or not, pinball machines still exist, and new ones are being made every day. Of course, the popularity of pinball machines is nowhere near where it was in the pre-internet era, but pinballs are still alive and kicking.

In order to bring back people’s interest into pinball, Jay Adelson and a couple of his colleagues created Scorbit, a system that connects some of the most popular pinball machines to a cloud-connected device, giving people a chance to track scores more easily and challenge their friends.

The way this technology works is that every pinball machine in the Scorbit system will have what’s called a Scorbitron, a little piece of hardware that is placed inside the machine, allowing it to gather data and share that data to a cloud.

A system like this makes playing pinball much more interesting and challenging, as worldwide online leaderboards are the biggest trend in today’s competitive gaming. By using the Scorbit app, players can locate bars and arcades that feature Scorbit-based pinball machines.

The best thing about Scorbit is that it doesn’t work only on new machines. Even some very old pinballs from the 1970s can be enhanced with the Scorbitron.

Virtual Reality Casinos

VR is not such big news anymore. Everyone knows what it is and what it does. The only question remaining is which industries can benefit the most from this revolutionizing technology and what its limits are.

Online casinos became an instant hit when they appeared about two decades ago. With computer and internet technology getting better every year, the online casino industry has blossomed worldwide, and it’s in a healthier state than ever before.

The industry is continually expanding, and it keeps finding new ways to engage players and elevate their online gambling experience. When VR technology hit the scene, online casinos have immediately started to figure out how this technological innovation can fit into their business model.

While VR casinos are still in their experimental phase, it is only a matter of time before they become a standard. Online casinos are still no match to the excitement and atmosphere provided by their land-based counterparts, which is why VR casinos will look to bring the two worlds together and let their players walk around a virtual casino establishment and interact with other players.

The users of virtual reality casinos will be able to make hand gestures, like pulling down a lever of a slot machine or scooping virtual chips and placing them in the middle of a poker table.

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