Former Netflix head donates $3.5m to Durham University

Dr. Neil Hunt a former Netflix executive and graduated from Durham University has donated $3.5 Million to the University to help more women into leadership in the tech sector.

Dr. Hunt completed his education in Durhan University, in 1999 he became the first chief product officer of Netflix and transform the company from an online DVD rental services to one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world. In 2017 he left Netflix and starts work with AI healthcare start-up Curai.

His multi-million dollar donation will play a major part in expanding the University’s women in technology program and it said the finance projects designed to tackle underrepresentation of women in leadership positions in the tech sector. It will also go to create new scholarships for students from low-income backgrounds.

Dr. Hunt said: “Today’s high-tech industry is fiercely competitive for talent, and we cannot afford to shut out 50% or more of the potential from even getting to the starting gate. Women make up just 15% of Computer Science graduates – a figure that continues to fall – and this cries out for correction.

“My education at Durham University was a key stepping-stone to the success that I have been fortunate to enjoy in my career, and I want to maximize the opportunities for those who follow. I hope my gift will inspire others – in industry and in education – to cultivate future generations of innovation and leadership from all walks of life.”

The donation would be “Absolutely transformation”, Professor Gordon Love, Head or the computer science department of Durham University said.

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Also, he added, “The Hunt Programme will be pivotal in helping us to create vital scholarship support, ensuring talented students from all backgrounds can study Computer Science here and access formative industry experiences which will shape their future careers.”

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