Enacfire E18 True Wireless earphones Review

Enacfire E18 True Wireless earphones Review

Enacfire E18 bluetooth earbud is an affordable pair of True wireless earphones. This is probably the cheapest true wireless that you can get for yourself.


Enacfire E18 is one of the best earbuds under $50 from Amazon. It is hard to find a good wired pair of earphones in this price whereas Enacfire E18 is a completely wireless pair of earphones.


Let us have a closer look on Enacfire E18 and find out whether it actually worth’s $50 or not. Let’s first of all, start with the design of the Enacfire E18.


The Enacfire bluetooth earbud surprisingly looks extremely premium. The silver colour of the earphone looks very promising. There is also a button on both the earphones which is tactile but It does feel a push in your ear whenever you press that particular button.


The earphones are quite large in size but they are very lightweight. The design is definitely minimal and the glossy finish on the earphones gives it a gorgeous look.


One of the best things about the Enacfire E18 Bluetooth earbud is the battery life. It offers a 15 hours long music playback time which is huge for a pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones.


Enacfire E18 also comes with One step link technology which means the pairing process is blazing fast. The pairing process of both the earphones and the Smartphone with the earphones is very fast. You should have knowledge of paring the devices through Bluetooth to pair these earphones with your Smartphone. It does supports Bluetooth 4.0 which is another good thing about Enacfire E18.

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Let’s now have a closer look at the battery life of these earphones. You get 15 hours long battery backup which is pretty impressive. The earphones can be charged in 2-3 hours


There is one more great thing about Enacfire E18 bluetooth earbud which lets you to charge the earphones on the go without any cable or connection. Yes, it is possible to charge your Enacfire E18 on the go with the help of the charging case that has an inbuilt battery. Isn’t it sounds cool? You have to charge the case of Enacfire E18 using micro USB cable and later you can use that case as a power bank to charge your true wireless earphones on the go.


This is a super useful feature especially when you are on a long journey. You can charge your earphones any time without any hassle. Even charging your case is pretty easy. All you need to do is Plug in your charger and connect the micro USB cable to the case. The case will start charging. There is a small light inside the case which indicates the charging level.


Let’s now have a look on its charging case. The case is very compact and premium in hand. Case also comes in a silver colour with glossy finish which makes it look premium.


There is the branding Enacfire at the top of the case which makes it look even more minimal.


Inside the case, there is the charging dock for both the earphones. You have to insert the earphones in both the spaces provided for them. The earphones will start charging automatically and it does looks futuristic.

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This charging technology is taken from the apple airpods which costs almost thrice the amount of Enacfire E18 bluetooth earbud. Overall, the quality of the Charging case is very good and it does feels premium. You can easily carry the charging case in your pocket without any hassle.


Let’s now talk about the main aspect of any wireless earphones which is obviously the sound quality of the Enacfire E18. The audio output is quite loud and clear. We didn’t noticed any problem with the vocals or clarity of the sound. We were pretty impressed by the sound quality of Enacfire bluetooth earbud.


Good bass is not expected from a true wireless earphones worth $50 but Enacfire E18 produces a good amount of bass without damaging the vocals.


Overall, Enacfire E18 is a great true wireless earphones which offers great value for money. You can definitely go ahead and buy these ones if you are looking for a true wireless earphones under $50.


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