Electric Scooters to Invest in Melbourne

Electric Scooters to Invest in Melbourne

Scooters have emerged as the ideal mode of commuting, especially for short to medium distances. These small bikes are the perfect solution, especially when one wants to avoid traffic and, in turn, experience the breeze as well when they cruise. Electric scooters are even better as they are environmentally friendly; they are compact, convenient to use, and save a lot on costs, especially gas for cars and even bus commuting costs. Furthermore, they are easier to ride.

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, is the most populous city in the state and the second-most populous city in Australia. As a result, it creates the perfect setting for the use of electric scooters. In this bustling city, many are therefore taking up this mode of transportation. There are different types of electric scooters in Melbourne from which one who is enthusiastic about these can choose from. These include;

Segway Ninebot KickScooter MaxThis enhanced scooter embodies improved characteristics. It is long-range, covering up to 64km, and has four riding modes, with a maximum of 25km/h. This scooter also possesses tubeless tires, which offer the rider a cushioned commute. The scooter is sturdy and has excellent performance capabilities, including a dual braking system. It also has an intelligent battery management system as well as an inbuilt charger cord.

Apollo Explore

This e-scooter is sturdy as well and performs well due to the power it packs. It has a convenient cruise control mechanism that eases commuting as one doesn’t have to maintain their speed manually. It has good acceleration and speed as well as suspension. The scooter is fully foldable and has an above-average maximum load capacity.

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Mercane WideWheel Pro

This scooter comes with a seat as an added accessory. It comes in two models; one with a single motor and the other with two motors. This e-scooter has wider wheels and 40km for the one motor version and longer for the dual-motor version.

E-Glide G60

This scooter is touted as the best for commuting and has a maximum range of 25km. The electric scooter is relatively lightweight, and hence it is easy to maneuver. It has an interchangeable battery offering the rider greater versatility. Its wheels are resistant to puncture as well.

Xiaomi Mi Pro 2

It has a range of 45km and features a 600W motor with three different speed modes. Relatively lightweight, this e-scooter is capable of being easily folded and hence quite portable. Its dashboard is also multi-functional, displaying data in real-time, including the speed, mode and power. It similarly has a broader platform for the feet, plus it packs enough strength to support greater weights.


When choosing the ideal e-scooter, there are several factors that one has to look out for. It includes the scooter’s speed, range and battery life, the size of the e-scooter depending on your mass, and its weight. Given lightweight e-scooters are a lot easier to maneuver. Its ease of folding; for compactness when it comes to storage, as well as the laws and regulations governing your locality.

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