Don’t Know How to Keep the PDF Files in One Place? Here is the Complete Guide

Don’t Know How to Keep the PDF Files in One Place? Here is the Complete Guide

Do you need to combine numerous PDF files into one document?

This is the topmost priority of some people, but it is not always easy to achieve. For example, there are several tools for reducing the size of a PDF file, but what if you need to merge multiple files?

Do you not know how to merge PDF files for free?

Fortunately, there are several techniques to join PDF files! This complete guide will help you merge PDF files online for free.

How to combine PDF files on Mac?

If you have a Mac and are looking for the best way to combine PDF files, you are in luck. Software designed to merge PDF files includes the macOS operating system.

Using a Mac, you can do surprising things with PDFs, but here is an overview of how to combine them:

  • In Preview, open the PDF files.
  • To see page thumbnails in the sidebar, go to “View Thumbnails.”
  • Select a page thumbnail to indicate where the other document should be inserted.
  • Select the PDF you wish to add by going to Edit > Insert > Page from File*, then clicking Open.
  • Choose File > Export as PDF to save.

That’s it. It is simple, and you do not need to use any additional tool or software.

But what if you don’t have a Mac? What exactly will you do?

Worry not!

You can use the below-mentioned options:

How to combine PDF files for windows?

On the other hand, PC users will find it more difficult to merge PDF files. Viewing your PDF file with the Edge browser is approximately the limit of your operating system’s capabilities for Windows users.

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But do not panic! There are many foolproof solutions for this problem, the majority of which require only a few steps. Look at these proven techniques to merge PDF files:

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is an amazing gadget for merging PDF files. But, most importantly, this program is not restricted to PDFs only.

It’s easy to use, in fact, that it can be broken down into four simple steps:

  • Open the pre-downloaded program and hit the “Tools” option in the upper left corner.
  • Select Combine files from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the desired documents by clicking the blue ‘Add files’ button.
  • Finally, click the blue ‘Combine’ files.

Your PDF files have been combined, and all you need to do now is save them.

Adobe Acrobat is, unfortunately, a premium application. There is a free trial, but you will need to pay to continue using it once it expires.

So, let’s say you don’t want to pay anything. So, what exactly do you do?

Don’t be concerned! Some people had similar difficulties and have devised a solution. In addition, everyone now has access to other possibilities due to these individuals.

Other possibilities to avail

There are always more options on the internet, as with most things. Fortunately, a fast Google search will yield a bulk of possibilities.

You can avail top-quality solutions from the internet; here are some of the most popular web solutions for combining PDF files:

  1. Smallpdf 

What sets this impressive tool apart from others is that it makes it simple to download files from DropBox or Google Drive. In the long term, this saves a lot of time.

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Also, you can install its Chrome extension or a desktop icon. It is a top-notch choice for people looking for authentic communication tools.

  1. Mergepdf provides you with a simple and easy-to-use interface for combining PDF files. You can merge several files at the same time. If you need a quick free PDF merger online, this could be a rational pick.

  1. Foxyutils

Do you want to combine PDF files? Do you care about the environment?

If that’s the case, Foxyutils is a magical option. When you use their program to merge PDF files, you are helping to fund tree-planting projects. It’s a terrific option, even though they only support files up to 50MB.

  1. PDF Joiner

PDF Joiner is a popular tool for combining PDF files and converting other types of documents. While visiting the page, you will see many options for combining, compressing, and converting data.

Do you need to convert a JPG to a PDF? It’s no problem. What about XPS that needs to be converted to PDF?

This tool is capable of doing so as well. Anyone who needs file conversions, compressions, or combinations will find it to be a one-stop-shop.

  1. PDF24

Another free online PDF merger with no watermark is PDF24. You can drag and drop PDF files and upload them with its help, and it will then take control of your papers.

If you want to edit your files before merging, you can use this online tool to rotate, erase, or relocate them as needed.

However, you can only use this tool if you have a valid email address.

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There are plenty of alternative solutions available, mainly if you are ready to pay for them. However, if you are searching for a free and fast choice, these five options are ideal.

Using Flipsnack to merge PDF files

When relying on Flipbooks, there’s a lot of necessity to merge PDF files. A single publication can typically use multiple PDF files. Otherwise, if you are using Flipsnack, this will not be a problem.

Using the editor, you can mix numerous PDFs. You may quickly upload as many PDFs as you need for your publication directly into the editor from your PC.

Plus, you can post your files once they have been posted. In the editor, you may now change the size, background color, location, and order of the PDF files.

Now, you have come to know that merging PDF files can be done in various ways. Some of these strategies are more straightforward than others, and not all of them are equally comprehensive.

If you ever need to create an online publication, such as a magazine, flipbook, real estate listing, or anything else, remember to use Flipsnack, the best tool available.

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