Does the Photostick Mobile Really Work?

Does the Photostick Mobile Really Work?

Who doesn’t love capturing photos and keeping the memories alive forever? When it comes to storing photos securely, people generally face many issues like storage, computer crash, etc. Now, you don’t have to worry about all these matters because we are here with the photostick mobile. Keep reading this article to know how does the photostick mobile work for you.

The photostick mobile is the perfect solution for storing photos and videos. It is a USB device that instantly saves thousands of photos from the mobile automatically. People who love gadgets with comfort and simplicity will definitely love this device. With the photostick mobile, you can finally say goodbye to the storage issues.

The Photostick Mobile

The photostick mobile is a USB thumb drive which is the mobile version of the photostick. There is a difference between Photostick and Photostick mobile. The photostick mobile is compatible with mobile and computer, but the photostick can only work with computers. Now, get into the photostick mobile. It is the only solution that scans, organizes, and saves photos with a single click.

This small device comes with a free mobile app that is suitable for most Android and iOS devices. While purchasing this device ensure purchasing the adequate one. The android version of the photostick mobile doesn’t work with the iOS version. In the same way, the iOS version won’t work with the android version.

Does the Photostick Mobile Really Work?

The photostick mobile backups files with its custom-designed mobile app. This app performs the whole transferring process by itself and automatically. It takes a few minutes to scan the entire mobile, organize the files, and back them up. After that, It can transfer the files to the computer also. It searches all mobile folders to ensure that zero missing files.

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Also, it finds out the duplicate contents and removes them. If you mistakenly lost or deleted any photos, you can restore them from the mobile app. The best thing is it keeps the restored photos in their original format. It is compatible with most formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, ICO, AVI, MOV, CAMERA RAW, PHOTOSHOP, PCT FILE,  WMV, MPEG4, etc.

The photostick mobile supports Android 4.4 and later versions with Micro-USB and USB-C ports. For iOS, it supports 9.0 and later versions with lightning port devices. So, what do you think, does the photostick mobile really work? We think, yes, the photostick mobile is worth having. It just requires a connection with the mobile; after that, it will do the rest by itself.

How to Use The Photostick Mobile?

Using the photostick mobile is so simple that any non-tech person can handle it conveniently. See the steps to use this device.

  • Install the mobile app and then insert the photostick mobile into the mobile’s USB port.
  • Open the app and from the mobile screen, click on the option called “Backup Files Now.”
  • Now, the app will do the rest and store all the files safely. After completing the process, remove the photostick mobile from the phone.

That’s it. This simple device just requires only these three simple steps to get started.

Why Should You Choose the Photostick Mobile?

The photostick mobile consists of some facts that make this device different from the other drives. For this reason, every person should choose this device. Let’s see these facts.

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Storage Capacity

This device comes in three different storage capacities. They are 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. The 128Gb photostick mobile can store up to 60,000 files and keep the memories safe forever.


The size of this thumb drive is 5.98″ x 3.11″ x 0.39″ which is very compact and small. This tiny device doesn’t take much space and can travel with you anywhere. Also, with its user-friendly nature handling this device is much easier.

Faster Speed

The photostick mobile requires only a few minutes for transferring 1000 photos. It works so fast that it started working just after plugging with the phone and a single click. In this way, this device saves hours of time and becomes the most time-consuming device.

Automatic Scanning

Unlike other USB drives, the photostick mobile does not require manual interference. You don’t have to select or mark the photos and manually copy all of them with this device. The photostick mobile does all the required processes using the app automatically. It scans the whole mobile to ensure every file is stored and nothing misses out from backing up.

Not Required Internet

While transferring any files, it doesn’t need an internet connection. Only it’ll require the internet while using the app; otherwise, you can use it anywhere. So, the photostick mobile makes the backup system much easier and hassle-free.

Photo Recovery

The photostick app comes with an option called back up now, and it keeps a backup of everything. You will find another option like restore files on the app’s home screen. If somehow you lost any files, this option will help to restore them to the original format.

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It supports all Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG phones that are OTG compatible and Android 4.4 or newer versions. Also, it works with all iPhones, iPods, and iPads with lightning port and 9.0 or newer version OS. This device supports most modern Windows and Mac OS computers. It works with Windows (XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Vista) and Mac OS( X version 10.6 and newer).

Final Verdict

It is a very simple device with some high-tech and useful features. With the free mobile application, this device becomes hassle-free and much easier to use for everyone. Every photographer or person who loves to capture photos and store them will love to have the photostick mobile.

So, is there any doubt about whether the photostick mobile really works? We think, from this article, all the doubts and confusion will be clear. The photostick mobile is the utmost device for instant photo backup. This device is convenient, intuitive, lightweight, portable, time-consuming, effortless, and simple to use.

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