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Ankur Agarwal is a Cryptocurrency and Email Marketing expert. Ankur is here with us to share his views on Email Marketing Campaigns. Ankur is the author of the book “Email Marketing Decoded”, you can grab it for free from his website.

People want the solution and don’t want your product necessarily. So an ICO marketing campaign ensures you have promising and result oriented service for your customer. However, it is essential to incorporate a managed email marketing into your plan. When you are launching a successful ICO campaign, set precise goals like ICO start date, end date, and action plan. Make a white paper and a roadmap. If you are looking forward to launching a successful ICO project, the most important thing is to build a product. Spend all the time building a robust, scalable and secure product on the blockchain and tell the people how it is going to change the world. Don’t tell how your product is going to change the world before you build the product.

Important factors of successful marketing campaigns:

Having an authoritative team with extensive experience in managing the campaigns, you can invite more and more investors to your campaign. Besides a reliable team, you need ICO tools which can help you to share your ideas with thousands of people worldwide. These ICO tools make sure that your marketing campaign is successful.

Just because you have a great idea and a white paper do not make a successful crypto business. When it comes to investing in ICO, your investors need assurance with your working and tested products. There must be a full-fledged presentation on your product and its reliability which can support your claims.

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Protection from the risks to your investors is another key factor. Provide the initial investors with some discounts or added benefits. An Escrow wallet is another feature that offers a guarantee of investment.  You must also make sure that you are able to return those funds in case your ICO crashes down.

Workout and be very clear and specific who your target audiences are. In the public relations, the most common entity is the media relations or publicity for the better communication with your investors. You can organize an event, whether it is a launch event where you invite investors. Service brochures or newsletters are also an effective way to grow networking.

Crafting email marketing campaign:

Email is the most underestimated platform when it comes to market your ICO in order to boost your token sale. Email service is quite cheap. It consists of monthly recurring payments with the service of your choice. Secondly, email services allow you to convert your audience to a prospect. Once you have created a list of your subscriber, you can apparently shortlist the subscribers who are seriously interested in your offer. Increase your customer base by developing a strong communication. Having multiple contacts with your potential investors increase the chance of getting them to the payment stage.

While creating a domain page for your ICO, you must consider attaching a subscription form. Even if your ICO project is under development stage, you can literally invite people. Creating a daily or weekly newsletter or infographics with appealing contents help to maintain the curiosity among your subscribers. Consider those email services which allows you to market your product or services related to ICO and cryptocurrencies. In the first quarter of this year, one of the most popular email service provider, MailChimp banned the promotion of anything related to the crypto world.

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Attention, Curiosity and Action formula:

  • For successful email marketing campaign, try to create catchy subject line and use of emojis to make your subject more noticeable. Furthermore, most people check their mobile devices for mail notifications, so try to make the subject line more laconic.
  • Now you are successful in grabbing people’s attention, however, you must have a really engaging, short and result oriented description to last them longer. At the footer, provide your social links to help them find you easily.
  • Make people engage with your newsletter and success stories until they finally hit the order and buy button. Along with that, rebuild the list of people who didn’t visit your mail or visited but didn’t show interest. Try to make even more appealing contents along with the evidence of people joining your initiative and the quality of service you’re providing them.

People also buy the stories, not only the services or the products. When you go through the white paper of a company, it mentions their story; the story of their staff and how they actually came through this breakthrough. When they actually sell their stories to their client and the client believes these stories and buys their product based on the stories. In the past 3 years, the blockchain market became so saturated because there are tons of ICOs worldwide. What really makes them distinctive is the way they are selling their stories. Everyone’s story is different from the others.

Point to be noted: If you are anxious about increasing your customer base and thinking about buying email base from your peers or open market, you’ll end up drastically before even starting. The thing is that there can be a fake or dead email address. Even if you get organic email contacts and start sending emails to the people who have never subscribed to your newsletter, there is a high probability that your project, services, and the business page will be blacklisted.

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