Cool Gadgets and Gear for Motorcycles

Most people love to get the best and cool attachments for things they love like house, car, and motorcycle. These add-ons will make it much convenient and more features to the item and motorcycles have plenty of gadgets and gears available. Here are a few gadgets and gear for bikes to add more features to your rides.

Garmin Zumo 395LM

Having a dedicated navigation device is very essential for safe riding and finding your way with ease. Garmin is the leader in the navigation devices for cars, handheld, pets, trucks and also for motorcyclists. Zumo 395LM is the affordable GPS device for motorcyclists . It comes with a 4.3” inch display and voice commands and navigation features. Unlimited lifetime map updates for free is a great option, and it also provides traffic and accidents updates. Riders can connect mobile phones with Zumo and accept calls directly on the GPS screen. Voice commands allow you to search for places, POIs and more and find routes to the locations.

Action Camera

Action Cameras is one of the coolest gadgets motorcyclists love to use to record their rides and stunts. These gadgets used to cost a lot a few years back, however now action cameras start from as low as 40$ with decent features and around 60$ for cameras with most essential features. Prices had come drastically down with more advanced features built-in. Some of the notable features are 4K recording, wide angle recording, waterproof, Wi-Fi connectivity, touchscreen, and external SD card support notably. Most of the devices come with a good no of accessories like remote controller, waterproof case, mounts, battery packs, clips, and more depending on the device.

Sena 10C-01

A good number of motorcyclists like to record their rides and most riders love to have the feature to take calls while driving or listening to music. Sena 10C-01 is a device that satisfies both the needs, it had a camera which allows you to record in 1080p for hours on a single charge. Riders can connect their mobile phones with the unit and take calls while riding without ever need to stop your journey. On a single charge, it can work for 10+ hours without recording and around 2 to 3 hours with recording. The device is easy to attach to helmets and comes with all the required parts like a microphone, and speakers.

Bluetooth Helmet

Using a device like Sena 10C for communication is good only when you have a good motorcycle helmet and require the feature to talk over the mobile phone directly. If you are okay with a new motorcycle helmet, then it’s better to get a new one instead of an attachment to let you talk over the mobile phone. A good Bluetooth Helmet looks same as a standard helmet with an inbuilt Bluetooth communication system. All you have to do is pair it with your mobile phone once, and it will automatically connect every time you are near to the helmet. Riders can also connect with other devices like motorcycle GPS devices like Zumo; this enables you to listen to the voice navigation and use voice commands to operate the device.

Motorcycle Goggles

Many riders don’t like to wear a helmet and for those using goggles could be an option to avoid dust and dirt. Motorcycle goggles are much comfortable to wear than helmets, light in weight, and does everything a regular motorcycle helmet does except protecting your head from accidents. If you are a dirt bike race or off-road rider, then these provide much better comfort and view than traditional helmets. Most of the googles are anti dust, anti-fog, anti-scratch, good ventilation ins and outs, and suitable for all terrains.

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