Cold War Split Screen Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

With its interesting and challenging game modes, multiplayer gaming has been the go-to genre for many gamers. While it’s very easy to see its appeal, there’s one similar game mode that captivates many CoD fans – Split Screen. Even if you are not with a bunch of players, the split-screen feature lets you enjoy any of the CoD game modes, together with your buddies.

If you have already set up Split Screen in Black Ops Cold War Zombies Mode, and you are experiencing issues, you are not alone.

The split-screen issue is troubling CoD Cold War players across various gaming platforms. The game’s 1.04 version is virtually unplayable for many gamers, as the split-screen feature in the Zombies mode is plagued with issues. Some players weren’t even able to see the option, which led to a flood of angry tweets toward game devs.

But there’s one Reddit user who discovered a fix to the issue. While it’s not a well-known solution, it may just be worth a shot to help in your case.

  1. On Xbox Series X, Player 2 must have their own account, while Player 1 must add the other player to their friend list. If you are Player 2, make sure you are logged in while in-game.
  2. If you are Player 1, invite Player 2 to your game.
  3. Enter Zombie mode and join a game as Player 1. Play for a short while, and then exit the game. This will give the illusion of Player 2 joining the game.
  4. Using the controller, Player 2 must be able to access the game menu and loadout after Player 1 exits.
  5. As Player 1, open the social menu and you should find a quick-join option for Player 2’s account. (in your friend list).
  6. Finally, as Player 1, quick join Player 2. If the above steps don’t work as intended, just quit the game and retry the process. Otherwise, the steps should allow you to access the split-screen menu in Cold War Zombies mode.

If the above fixes didn’t work for you, all you can do is wait for now until the game devs resolve these issues in their next patch. Another solution is to go to Activision’s official website and raise a concern, or tweet about the problem, so you’ll catch the game devs’ attention and have them fix the issue at the very earliest.

While we’re waiting for the game devs to resolve the Split Screen issue, make your Xbox gaming more exciting by investing in these gadgets!