Blue Essence In League Of Legends 2020 Guide

Like every game League of legends has its own currency. You choose how to spend it. Skins, weapons, boosts and many more. Certainly you can buy it with real money and yet there are games where you can buy anything you want only with your skills.

Sounds rear, right? The LOL developers made it clear that either you spend your real money or you invest a whole lot of time and earn your currency. In this case we’re speaking about the Blue Essence (BE). Here you’ll find a full guide on how to earn it and how to spend it the best way possible.

What to Do With Blue Essence In League Of Legends 2020

Blue essence was first introduced back in 2016 in the beginning of Season Six. BE became the alternative for Influence Points.

How can you use Blue Essence?

  • acquisition of Champions;
  • acquiring Mysterious Champion Shards for Hextech Crafting;
  • purchase of additional rune pages;
  • raising the Champion’s Mastery Level to Level 6 and 7;
  • color scheme purchases (during certain sales);
  • purchases of exclusive content in the Temple of Essence;
  • summoner name change.

 When you start playing LOL in the beginning you feel a bit lost in the wide range of different characters. But with time you find that perfect couple ones, who do you the best job. Capturing a hero for whom you have never played in a competitive match before being able to cause uproar from other players when they discover that you don’t know how to play a hero. Trying to play every hero at least once when playing with bots is a good idea to find out how to play them out and what it takes to be the best. You can also buy Lol boosting services to speed up your ranks.

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Champions Unlocking

Nope, Champions in LOL are not for free. Each week there is a new rotation of Free Champions, with ten champions to choose from in the game. If you have already unlocked them by buying or unlocking them, you can play other champions too. There are many different ways to permanently get a new champion, and that depends mostly on what you want to invest in: your time or money.

Hextech Craft

For the ones who aren’t interested in buying champs, there are loots. These loots can be traded for other in-game items including masks, summoner badges and even champions later on!

You can win different keys and chests if you and your team are doing well, and using two different essences you can combine both for new items: Champion Essence (blue) and Cosmetic Essence (orange).

Some quite expensive items will need a bunch of Blue Essence

One of the only ways to get Blue Essence is a little complicated but if you need to buy it, it can pay off. Start by buying a lot of different shards from the Accessories page of the shop. Falsify those pieces and you can exchange them for the essence of gold. Its price ranges from 300 to 400 points of control, which may sound like a lot, but this is maybe the only non-random way to get BE.

The amount of essence received is equal to 20% of the champion’s cost in the Store, and the cost of upgrading to a permanent one is 60% of its cost.

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