Best Web Hosting Service – 000webhost.Com!

Best Web Hosting Service – 000webhost.Com!

Are you looking for a free web hosting company for your website but can’t seem to find one? Don’t worry as is the answer to your problem. Normally other websites provide service at a very high rate, but that is not the case with They provide a free webhosting experience as they want to make you their loyal and premium customer. You can get tons of features is you select as your service provider. Not only are they free but they also provide AD support as you can run your advertisements. In case of other web hosting service providers, you can see that they are not very consistent with their work. Whether it is customer support or providing 99 percent uptime, you do not get what you were promised by other web hosting companies. But in case of, all the features are available in the free plan. If you want, you can always switch to the premium plan after you have gained experience after building your website. Now you can focus on creating revenues on your website and leave the web hosting aspect for


Some Web Hosting Service Providers

  1. 000webhost.Com: This website is the best free web host in the market and delivers what they promise. Users have given these website 4.9 stars out of 5. Even though it is free, you can have an advertisement free experience as it does not spam you. They provide uptime for almost 99 percent of the time which helps you to show your content to the world and get ahead of your competitors. Along with that they also support MySQL and PHP with almost no kind of restrictions. You can get the latest versions of PHP in the free plan as well. There is an unbelievable amount of disk- space as well as bandwidth. They have earned the trust of their customers for more than 11 years and had the seal of approval from Hostinger.
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  1. Googiehost: It is a new and upcoming web hosting service provider. Though their customer service is good, there is a problem with their servers. They can only provide 94.5 percent uptime. Compared to that is very less as this website owns all of their servers and aims to deliver 99 percent uptime. There has been hardly any incident where one has faced a downtime with
  2. Byethehost: Byethehost is a free web hosting service provider. It has a lot of domains as well as controls the spamming. But when it comes to customer support, it lacks the consistency of Byethehost has gotten a customer satisfaction score of 95 percent whereas has a customer satisfaction score of 98 percent. The people at the latter have a 24/7 support team that helps with all kinds of queries of these customers.

Too good to be true features

  • Unlimited Options When It Comes To Programming Language

As the technology has advanced and taken huge steps, several kinds of languages have been established which makes coding pretty easy. But not all languages are supported on the other web hosting platforms. has no such issues as it supports Ioncube loader, XML, Zend, Curl, MySQL, PHP and many more.

  • Huge Bandwidth And Disk Space

You will get around 1GB of disk-space along with a free web hosting service experience at You will also get a 10 GB bandwidth, which is bigger than any of the other deals provided by any free web hosting services. Each blog post takes around 2GB, and with so much space, you can write around 500 blog posts without any problem. Not only that, but you can host two websites at the same time and all that is included in the free plan at 000webhost.

  • Ad And Email Support
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You will get Ad support at They do not turn their ads on your website. Instead, you get the liberty to choose your ads and run them on your website. This will help you to earn more and more revenue and become a loyal customer of 00webhost. Along with two free websites that you can get, you will also be getting five email accounts that can be used for the work of your website. This makes your company look more attractive to your customers and gives it a professional look it requires.

  • Instant Backups

In case of any problem, you need a back up of all the digital information that you are dealing with. But not all web hosting service providers can provide you with this feature. At 000webhost you can get instant backups of your website information. Every day your information gets backed up, and all you need to do is just click. This is a unique feature as no other free web host will give you instant backups every day of the week.

  • Uptime

000webhost promises and delivers 99 percent uptime. If your website is not available at most of the times, especially during the rush hour, then you will lose your clients easily. All the servers at are owned by them, and thus you can now display the contents of your website and generate more and more revenue. It will help you to stay ahead of all your competitors.

  • Security

Usually, other web hosting service provider companies own shared servers. This makes your information vulnerable and easily subjected to piracy. But that is not the case in All of the servers are private, and your information is safe. No one else will have access to your information.

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Thus, is the best available free web hosting service provider in the market. If you want, you can give it a try and see the results for yourself. Since it is free, you will not have anything to lose while you are testing it. There is a 100 percent guarantee that you will love 000webhost and will soon become one of the many customers of this website. Go and register yourself for free at

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